Green Challenge Of Tollywood Actors

You plant a tree. Tell the other three to plant a tree – it seems Ali says. The trees seem to have been planted as Ali said – Krishnabhagavan, Kadambari and Raghubabu behind them. Is this Alina? Staley? Not mind. Aline!

Please plant three trees for the man .. All the famous comedians of the Green Challenge Ali, Krishna Bhagwan and Raghu Babu have called together. The three of them parked at Banjarahills Road 12 and planted them.

Ideal for the Telangana Government’s Green Eating Program Bara Atta with Hara Hai! Does the Green Challenge mean the whole country? Why the dreaded Hindi Gola here again? Surly. However, this green call is also inspiring the green challengers of all categories.

All of them participated in MH Colony at GHMC Park in Banjara Hills under Kadambari Kiran. As we say, Asala Manodu – all these things are done. The Green Challenge calls for the adoption of the Green Challenge – a return of 3 plants per cost.

The number of plants planted in the country now exceeds one crore. How Many Plants Are Not Planted? How many water are we pouring? How much are you looking for in the final? That is important. And watch it too. Any good program. Cinematographers will find color in anything – at least it is good to see and inspire!

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