Greater Intellectuals Than Ram Gopal Varma!


It is true that there are no people beyond the Ram Gopal Varma in terms of promoting a product. RGV is the genius who attracts the entire attention of media without paying a penny. But for that, he has to use a lot of his brain. But there are also some great intellectuals who can promote their product just by sleeping.

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Whenever the workplace is taken down, it is a big crime. Of course! Sleeping at work is not an easy task. But it is natural for many to come for an extra ten to twenty minutes – after a certain age – in the afternoon. Yet it is a negative point of view on the job. But if you sleep comfortably a lakh rupees. WakeFit is attracting people with this new offer. Nine hours a day on their mattresses … If you sleep comfortably for 100 days without a gap anywhere in the week, give Rs. Online application to apply for this great job.

What are the qualifications for applying for this job – Mindset, if you can find a sleeping mindset.

Why? Are they mad? What about giving money when you sleep? – Don’t say that. No one is so stupid! WakeFit, a company that makes WakeFit products. The scheme is meant to promote them. Surprised by this offer, everyone applies? Give each other a lakh of rupees. But is the campaign worth it? In crores of rupees. Do you see? To promote our product, Ram Gopal does not have to risk his life and make sensations. No need to get behind the channels. If you put such an idea – the promotion will be done by itself. The owner can sleep comfortably.

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