Google Drive Provides FREE Space For Whats app!


Google and Whatsapp have brought us a new facility together. Whatsapp backups any longer saved on Google Drive – it does not count into Google Drive storage. That means, even if you have saved Whatsapp chat back up and saved on your drive – your regular Google Drive storage will not be effected. This is according to a new agreement signed between Whatsapp and Google.

How ever, Whatsapp backups saved in google – if not updated since more than a year, will be removed from Google Drive according to this new policy. This new policy will be implemented from November 12th. So if you want any of those old backups, please download manually from Google Drive before November 12, 2018.

You can retain those old backups there itself if you refresh them and update with new data by October 30th. Is it not a good convenience to save Whatsapp chats on Google Drive without sacrificing memory?

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