Google Disservice To Ganesha! How horrible!

( This is a raw translation /machine translation. Until we replace it with fine version, Please read Telugu version if you are comfortable with Telugu. Follow the Telugu link below the article. )
Have we ever heard of people committing abuses or technology? It’s happening now. In Google Translate, there are many languages that are constantly translated. But it is still well known that this Translate application – not completely reliable. When translating – unless some words are translated correctly – the whole thing can be awkward when it comes to sense. The fact that Lord Rama killed Ravana means that we will change the karma kriyal in English and become the Rama Killed Ravana. Because of the differences in translating those words into English and English – because of the differences in English – each time they have terrible meanings. Also, when some words are not understood – Google Translate also displays insane meanings based on the nearest word.

A recent example of the linguistic bias that it is doing today … A translation made during the Vinayakachavitha gives us clear proof. Now, go to Google Translate … ie go to or Google Translate App on your mobile – set Translate from Telugu to English. Next … Give it in Telugu as “On the occasion of Vinayakachavitha”, do you know how it translates into English? Translated as Vinayaka’s death. What’s worse is “… death …”. How reprobate it is to God! Anything related to Vinayakachavithi Raddamanna in Telugu translates into something like Google Translate. Probably the problem is … Google translating engine .. .Vinayaka identifies ‘Chavi’ in the word “Chavithi” as a word – guessing it close to the word ‘Chau’ – thus translating this as madness. But such things need to be immediately identified and changed. Not only is it wrong, we must also cooperate with Google to change that. There is also a facility to provide alternative translations. If we tell them we are the contributors to language development.

Finally, Google Translate is a really great tool. Mistakes do not have to be belittled. A great communication tool for many linguists in the world, learners of languages and those who need new languages. However, it is not yet a perfect tool. It is up to all of us to point out the mistakes and make it a more effective tool. That is why unless there is a point to Mistakes in it – we have no idea that ‘Telugu’ has no intention of demeaning it.

The original villain was once dead and alive again. No matter how many times Google kills, he remains immortal.

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