“Ghantasala The Great” Trailer Unveiled By Chitra

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‘Ghantasala The Great’ is a silverware attempt by the great singer to change the lives of Ghantasalas across South India. C.H., who had previously compiled the famous songs of the Ghantasala, entitled ‘Ghantasala Songsala’. Rama Rao wrote and directed the biopic of the Ghantasala. Significantly, the roles of couples in real life are played by their husbands in real life. Young singer, Krishna Chaitanya of ‘Super Singers 7’ will be seen as Ghantasala, while Krishna Chaitanya’s wife and TV anchor will appear on the soft screen as Ghantasala Satimani Savithamma. Noted music director Saluri Vasurao has composed the music for the film.

Singer G.V. The biopic was built by Mrs. Lakshmi Neeraja, a fan of Ghantasala, in the architectural style of Bhaskar.

Directors C.H. Rama Rao said, “In addition to the ghatting part, the post-production work has been completed. We are all in the making of the film, no matter how hard it is for the great man to grow up to be a great actor. We have a lot. ”

The film was co-produced by G.V. Bhaskar said, “Recently, the movie trailer abroad, hundreds of Telugu audience domain releasing luck had. The Chitra presenters, Lion Dr. K. Sri Lakshmi Prasad, led by the major composers madhavapeddi Suresh presided over the ‘tune voice, a cultural organization under the auspices of one of England’s Birmingham Famous singer in the city of Ham, South India Nightingale ‘Padma Shri’ “We have released the trailer of the film with Gary’s hands. The trailer has received a tremendous response.

Producer Mrs. Lakshmi Neeraja said Suman had played the role of renowned Hindustan musician Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

Krishna Chaitanya, soft, Suman, Subbaraya Sharma, Dikshit Master, jeke Bharavi, Ashok Kumar and Master Atuli are the main cast of the film.

Music for the film: Saluri Vasurao, Camera: Venu Muralidhar. V, Editing: Kranti (RK), Art: Nani, Co-Producer: G.V. Bhaskar, Producer: Lakshmi Neeraja, Writing – Directed by: CH. Rama Rao.

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