‘Game on’ With The Word Buthu On The Tag Line

'Game on' With The Word Buthu On The Tag Line

‘Game On’, co-produced by Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Creations and Golden Wings Productions, will start shooting in the third week of December with a presentation by Ravi Kasturi.
Ratham fame Geetanand as the hero
Geetanand, who made a name for himself with his debut film, is playing the acclaimed hero. Director Dayanand’s debut film ‘Boys’ has won the hearts of all the technicians and is all set to release soon to impress the youth.
It is surprising to know the story of the film and ask for Hindi rights without starting the film. As far as I know this movie is going to be a very big movie out of small movies. It has all the elements that the audience wants, such as emotion, love sentiments and twists that impress everyone. From my experience, this movie definitely stands out in the top ten movies. Not only does Geetanand stand out as a good hero with this film, Dayanand also gets good marks as a director. Apart from finding good technicians, all the artists are set for this film. Kannada Kishore, Madhusudan Many artists are setting the correct for this film. Producer Kumar Babu said that he is confident that the film will definitely be a big hit in 2022.

Submission: Ravi Kasturi
Banner: Sri Lakshmi Ventakeshwara Creations & Golden Wings Productions‌
Producer: Kumar Babu
Written and directed by: Dayanand.
Line Producer: Nikilesh Verma
Visuals: Kushender Ramesh
Production Design: Dilip John
Music: Ashwin- Arun
PRO: Madhu.VR & Vamsi Shekhar

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