Frightening In Between Laughs … Reday 1.. 2.. 3

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It is said that those who make films with smaller actors as generals cannot deal with big heroes. The last of the great directors, Jandhayala, Ivy, Krishna Reddy, etc – struggled when making films with big hero. That is what the Omkar king dealt with Nagarjuna in room 2. He is going to a third film with the same confidence. Let’s see what happens!

Raju gari gadi, Raju gari gadi 2 Pictures Hit All ..! Talented director Omkar is once again making a part of the series, Raju gari gadi-3. Ashwini Babu is the heroine of the movie “Raju gari gadi 3”, which is being produced by Omkar’s self-directed Oak Entertainments banner as the heroine of Avika Gor. The director and producers are planning to release the film as a Dussehra gift. The trailer of the movie was released by Victory Venkatesh. The event features hero Ashwin Babu, heroine Avika Gor, actors Ali, Brahmaji, Ajay Ghosh, director Omkar, cameramen Chhota K. Naidu, editor Gautam Raju, music director Shabir, speechwriter Sai Madhav Burra, choreographers Shekhar, Shiv Shah Shaykh, Sivu Shakur Kalyan Chakraborty and others participated.

Hero Ashwin Babu says, ‘My older brother Omkar is the one who invented me in a whole new way. One-third of a rupee is enjoyed. We want our film to be a hit of Dussehra. Very happy to have worked with senior artists and technicians.

Heroine Avika Gor says that this is a Telugu movie after three years. I was very thrilled when the Omkar Story neared. I said I would do this movie as Immediate. Proud to have made a good movie. The team worked with fashion, hard work, discipline and discipline. The Best Out Foot has come .. said.

Word writer Saimadhav Burra said .. I worked for the Raju gari gadi picture. That was a big hit. Again I wrote words for this movie. The film will be a big hit beyond the royal room. Good story. The beautiful ghost smiles pleasantly. Too many demons to expose. But this beautiful ghost smiles in fear. This is a film that laughs and calmly exits for two hours. Omkar is a very good director. Perfect in what he gets. I am happy to work for this movie in Oak banner ..

Ajay Ghosh is the great director Omkar, who presented me in ‘Natudni’ in Different Angle. This is a movie that turns my carrier. Feel lucky to work with such a senior cameraman kenayudu lots. This is the King’s Room-3, which entertains three-quarters of the money raised. Said.

Music director Shabbir said this is my first film in Telugu. Given this good chance, I am very happy to hear my thanksgiving story. Music is going to be loved by everyone.

Ali said .. As a kid I would watch Vithalacharya’s movies. Again, the director of the Telugu industry is Omkar. Ashwin is improvising day by day. He did very well in the movie. Chhota Garu completed the film in a few days with a responsibility. Avika acted in a range .. said.

Brahmaji said .. I haven’t done horror movies much. One side is scared. The film will be in two shades. In the meantime, I have not seen a team with such a displane. Well done with Perfect Planning. Cinema with Omkar means a lot of people are scared. But after a good deal of sets it was found to be true. He takes what he wants. Dialog Modulation also tells you how. The committee did not see the director of the discipline. Artists gave a good reset and took a good out foot. Ashwin will be solo hero with this film. Avika has a very good reputation.

Kenayudu where the first film .. Omkar Genius to meet me. Then we are traveling. Never made a movie in this zoner. It was very tempting. But Omkar made himself whole. I have a fan as a general .. After watching the Omkar work for the film, I became a fan of Omkar. The movie is just as smug as it is revealing. Ashwin dances and fights comedy all very well .. said.

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