‘First Rank Raju’ On June 21st

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Manjunath is producing V. Kandukur’s first rank king for Nalmesh Kumar’s dolphin Entertainments banner. Chetan Maddineni and Kishish Ora are playing the lead roles in this movie. The film will be completed by June 21st and the audience will be released on June 21. At a press conference on this occasion …
Producer Manjunath said … The recently released teaser and songs were a huge hit and received excellent response. The film will be released worldwide on 21st. You all must be upheld.

INN Srawan said … The king of the First Rank king teaser is very good. Got a good response. Very soon you will be prompted to come back to you.

Character artist Ramya said … I have done a very good character in this film. My special thanks to Manju Sarji who gave me such a good opportunity. On June 21st you all have to go to theaters and watch our movie. We want all of you to support us.

Heroine Kaushik said … First of all thanks to my special thanks to our teaser for making such songs better. Similarly, our movie will also entertain you all. We all want you to be happy to see us in our movie.

Director Naresh said … I thank my producer who gave me such a good opportunity. The first rank king is the story of how the movie lives in a person’s life and how it lives, how he lives, how to survive and how to survive. Within two days the theatrical trailer also comes forward. The film has done well with these good artists rather than compromise. You all want to watch our movie and be sure to support it.

Hero Chetan said … Every once in life lives in the first rank. I was once a first rank student. Very happy with the response to teaser. I do not know how much you all trolleys me. I take the role of my character in it. It is not a big truff that little films will not release. Content will be released if it is good. My last film was also released by Dilrajraju. Geetha Arts is currently releasing this film. Our producer is very strang and capable person. Our film is going to be released on a grand scale on June 21st. My special thanks to director Maruthi. In the industry he was like a godfather. The story is standing next to the story and heard the story.

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