Favorite Star’s Friend Gets The Fame

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It is not known who would be in trend online today. In addition to recent Instagram celebrities, Tiktok celebrities are also getting into the trend. If they are the people with TV or movie background, it adds more to the craze. Recently, the tribe of Google about the TV cum talk talk celebrity Shivangi Joshi. She’s not even a big star. What does this bond mean? (Yeh Rishta Kya Kahalata Hai) Some Hindi serials like! Seeing Thira was not even her birthday. Shivangi Joshi Birthday comes in May. Why are the people looking for her now? That is – she was celebrating the festival of Vinayakachavithi at her house with her best friend Aditi Bhatia. Only then did the photos make the celebrations go viral. If a beautiful girl looks like a sick girl, it seems to be caught.

However, in the final – no matter how usual Shivangi Joshi is – in the photos, she is commenting that her best friend is better than Shivangi Joshi. So .. I got the result. But even if it is a success – the name of the friend is the word. Anyway … Don’t Worry Shivangi .. Best Friend?

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