Exploiting People Is Their Dasara Festival!

E-commerce sites are flooded with offers – just because someone is in a hurry to get married. Electronics stores and other big shops are expecting people to pocket big offers. All of these are well-known banks such as HDFC and ICICI banks with cash backs and credit card offers. Communication is on the rise now … through messages, e-mails and apps, we are trying to attract more people with offers. Surely the offerings will continue till the four money in the customer’s pocket runs out, from Dussehra to Diwali and New Year …

If a girl goes out of fashion, a director makes a movie and leaves the people – all of them are considered harmful to society. We are writing against it. Because – such attractions can motivate a man to fall. Why not apply the same logic to banks and online businesses?

Now look at what a bank add. It is the same way that provokes you to spend money. If you are attracted to these, you are likely to collapse economically. Buy it. Otherwise Maney. That is. But if the moment is over with ads, why not fall somewhere? Boozy ads – what’s the morally big difference? They are provoking your weaknesses for their own benefit. They do the same thing. While not quite great – at least there’s a sensor on them. There is no actual control over these. Why not? There? Should not be? Think.

Think again! What are the banks asking if the common man asks for a small loan? Six times think sixty details and six hundred proofs. But don’t worry about the prospect of spending money and expecting you to pay the debt. They don’t care about your well-being. What is the public service they do?

Is there any way to verify the truth of the offers offered by banks and business companies? Not supposed to be? See for example HDFC Bank Ad here. It’s Your Life. Spend it well. This is your life Spend it well. It’s about spending life .. We want to spend money. Is it really a great crime to have peaceful people – to grow their own businesses – to overpay their debt, and then to sit on a pea until they are done? Big business
Why is there no punishment in our country for those who commit such crimes that make people bigger and worse? Do we need to change our laws?

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