‘Cauliflower’ Is The Perfect Complement That Everyone Enjoys

Everyone Enjoys The Movie 'Caulieflower' - Sampoornesh Babu

He became a hero with the movie ‘Heart Liver’. Burning star Sampoornesh Babu is currently coming up with a brand new title ‘Cauliflower’. ‘Shilo Rakshati Rakshita:’ is the subtitle. Presented by Gudur Sridhar, the film is being produced by Asha Jyoti Gogine on the banner of Madhusoodana Creations and Radhakrishna Talkies. RK Malineni is the director of this film. . The film is set for a grand theatrical release on November 26. In this sequence the hero Sampoornesh Babu was mesmerized by the media. Those news ..

I am playing a double role in this. Elderly Andrewflower..Cauliflower was named for the second role. I also asked why it was titled Cauliflower. The name of the character is the same .. The director said that at one point it also becomes a protective shield.

Habit is important not only for women but also for men. He said the point is that there would be no problems in the world if it were so followed. Loved it so much. Seemed to be saying new. That’s why I said okay.

I look new in it. There are no heavy length dialogues as stated in Coconut. There are such dialogues only in the court scene.

It is a family tradition not to get married until you are 35 years old. That is why we use that scale to be so pure, that no girl should come so close and speak so far.

Getups are well set in this movie .. The hero is subjected to rape and the songs that come after that are all good. Everyone will enjoy. That’s why I said that everyone likes heart liver and coconut movies.

Director RK has done serials before. How long have you thought of this story? This character should be like that .. I wish it was like this. Sampoornesh Babu, however, thought it would be good. So that came to me. Told the story.

Heroine Vasanthi has done serials in Kannada till now. This is his first Telugu film. Still performed nicely though. Wandering briskly through the countryside, Bawa appears in the role of Mardali, weeping.

In which I did not do anything like Floor Moments. I tried something new in it.

No matter how much I overdo it the audience will applaud. Stories are written with that in mind. The heart rises out of the pile in the liver, and the sumo falls into the hand when struck by the coconut. That is the pinnacle. If you jump in the swimming pool at home in the movie Singam 123 I will float somewhere.

Are you happy today? Are you confident that tomorrow will be better? Think. Willing to do anything as an actor. If any characters come they will.

I have been doing four movies as a hero. That’s why I can’t make much of a guest appearance. I put a character in a movie.

I wanted to make a movie called Goldman. But was pushed back by the corona.

From Narasimhachari to Sampoo, I have come to the level of turning in an auto to turning in a flight. The same makes me happy. I am lucky to have five movies on hand right now.

I would be happy to donate quite a bit of what I have. The unknown satisfies.

I am making a movie in Tamil as a hero. Already 70 percent of the shooting is done. Story based movie. Seriously goes on.

Sai Rajesh is currently filming with Anand Devarakonda. After that we will do a movie again.

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