Every Proof Can Be a Fake?


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If a lower middle class person is wrong, the TV channel calls them to the line and washed them on the spot. But the celebrity is not the thing? They’re wrong – it’s not a simple task to pull them off. Whatever their personalities are – they have the strength of support that blindly supports. There is no money to say the money. And if one of the most talented people has betrayed me, what should I do? He has to show proof of what he alleges. What are the proofs? Usually phone calls, Watsap chats, more photos, videos …! They’re real proofs … it seems to be a danger to them to prove that they are Fake!

In the background of such allegations against one side of the heroes – some of the media and some of the articles are coming. “Today is lying!” When you see the article entitled Annie, you have a lot of doubts. The phone calls, the Watsap chats, the more photos of the evidence … the videos of the latter can even create a thief – it’s very easy – wrote a technology item in one of the leading newspapers. Whatsapp was not encountered at the time of the encrypted date … they said that the evidence of Watsap is not worth the case. In fact, you can manage Watsap screen shots in the photoshop, but when you see it from the original backup – they are realistic. As stated in this article – Some Fake Videos and Chats in the World are also created. But the real proof is that the fake proof – a little bit deep – is not very difficult to obscure. These are all happening in the USA! However, the article is written by – as some are able to create digital evidence – the proof of crimes in this world is nothing but digital evidence.

If this article is not about how good readers will benefit from the readership, tomorrow any popular girl has come up with the real heroes of tomorrow, but it is true that all the girls are lying – This article was written by a man who claims to be the first to write technical articles in Telugu. It can not be a bad thing for the magazine, but it is not the case to write such an article.

Tollywood is something like a prostitute – junior artists and anxieties come into TV channels and are getting worse. I’m worried about crying. Some of the film fans and Tollywood supporters claim that they are all the same and they do not have the truth. After the accusations of this accusation, the Telugu film industry is lost.

Not to mention the intentionally written, “Everything is lying!” Those who read the article are sure to have a suspicion. Repo mopo will come to the reader with suspicion that it has been preserved for some heroes and adults in this tailored film. Because – no film celebrity bomber on tomorrow’s futures, but the girls who have sacrificed the guilty of the famous guilty – that’s all the proofs and the fakes made with the latest technology! – This article is used as a support to advise people to confusion. However, our Telugu girls, who are damaged in the hands of the filmmakers, did not rise to the level of fakes with such quality. So – putting such articles on the scene – tomorrow with any girl’s proof but it is not valid but is invalid.

Look at what’s happening in Tollywood – heroes, cine bonds, coordinators – all of them seem to be laughing at the top! What are the names of big names tomorrow? How to protect them – a hearing that has already begun in a worst picture. Such articles should not come in such journals, but do not write. People think that it is written for supporting filmmakers. While people are hating the cinematic field – all the magazines need to attend film programs for at least some time. Manali publishes such articles that seem to be carrying on their shoulders. If there is not really any evil – doubts arise in context. The writer is intentionally written or unwittingly – such articles are damaging the reputation of the magazine when the context does not matter. They need to know this.

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