Experience The Anubhavinchu Raja In Every Man!

Every Man Has An Anubhavinchu Raja - Director Srinu Gavireddy

Young and Talented Hero Raj Tarun as the hero under the direction of Srinu Gavireddy as the emerging Out and Out Entertainer Experience Raja. The film is being co-produced by Annapurna Studios Pvt. Ltd. and Srivenkateswara Cinemas LLP and is being produced by Supriya Yarlagadda. The film is set to release on November 26. Director Srinu Gavireddy slammed the media as part of the film promotions.

I came to the industry inspired by Puri Jagannath. I worked as an assistant director. I shot a couple of films in 2016 itself. But they did not play so well. After that I wrote a story again. So I went to Annapurna Studio. The movie began. I worked as a writer for the movie Crack. I am also working as a writer in the upcoming film with Balakrishna Gari.

There is an experienced king in every mind. Money, girls, cinema, everyone likes each style. Life is too short .. This story is to be enjoyed while still. What is it really like to experience? This movie is the emotion that says.

We will work very hard to make an entry into Annapurna Studio. But now I am doing it as a director under the Annapurna banner. I told the story, the emotion in the Village setup, the ending. Loved it so much. Supriya said it was okay. Chaitanya Garu and Nagarjuna also heard. The movie started with them liking it too ..

He was also the music director of my first film. This movie was made for me. It took so long.

Raj Tarun also liked to tell in the background of the security guard. Unspoken background so far. We actually went to the security camp and shot there. We shot for forty days in Bhimavaram.

There will be a track called Curly Hair. That’s why we took Kashish Khan.

The industry has taught a lot. Movies taught a lot. My strength is entertainment. How much work I did .. Supriya also did the same work. Sister, as a teacher she gave me a lot of advice.

Wallpapers will start from November 26th.

Ajay, Naren, Ariana, Ravikrishna have very good characters like this. Naren took Gary for freshness.

Naga Chaitanya watched this movie. He admired.

I screened the movie I was supposed to. Nowhere is it suggested that even greater changes are additions. I made the changes that helped me.

A movie with a good banner is OK. It would be nice if they announced that.

The Raja character starts to experience from Bhima Varam. Enjoy Raja movie starts from Kodi Pandela. What is the color of chicken pox? What are the types? I have done all the research on which hen bets when betting. I go to chicken races every year.

Puri Jagannath influence is on me. But it has no effect on this movie.

Family movie. There will be good emotion along with comedy. Wherever we are it is not our hometown. It involves the emotion of being our hometown.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform, bringing with it a sense of humor. I can say this with confidence.

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