‘Anubhavinchu-Raja’ Is Something To Enjoy With The Family!

Enjoy With Family .. Raj Tarun In 'Anubhavinchu-Raja' Promotions

Young and Talented Hero Raj Tarun as the hero under the direction of Srinu Gavireddy as the emerging Out and Out Entertainer Experience Raja. The film is being co-produced by Annapurna Studios Pvt. Ltd. and Srivenkateswara Cinemas LLP and is being produced by Supriya Yarlagadda. The film is set to release on November 26. Raj Tarun captivated the media with his film promotions.

I really enjoyed shooting this movie. I did my films almost in Bhimavaram. There are people who know everything. This character is very new. It is a bit hyper compared to what has been done before.

The character in the movie has nothing to do with my real life. Experience Raja has both nature and depravity.

How much process does it take to become a security guard? As seen. The security guard knew that was not so easy. The first face we see when we leave the house, the last face we see when we come home at night is the security guard. It would be nice if they opened the door with a single smile. If taken in the same way, our mood will remain the same throughout the day.

Seethamma Andalu Ramayana Sitralu The director of this film has changed a lot. Then the boy. Now came the much composer. Much maturity has come. Positivity and honesty have come a long way. Clarity is always at work. Has become very much like a human being.

Srinu has been a friend of mine for the last nine years. There are many reasons to play a movie or not. No one can be blamed. I know Srinu’s strength and ability. Not scared at all. So Annapurna Studio .. Srinu got a chance to show his talent.

The story kept telling me from before. But I did not think then that it was for me. I like telling that story to Supriya Gari, Naga Chaitanya, Nagarjuna Gari .. Later my name came into the project. Then I heard the full story.

Bhimavaram slang, the characters there suit me well. I can easily fit in them. Tried new characters. But the workout was not over. The film is set in Bhimavaram, Hyderabad.

Even if Telugu does not come, prompting is never taken. Worked very hard. No matter how big the dialogue is. The man was also very calm. We quickly became friends. The romance will be the same as the family audience watching together.

We planned to shoot on March 29th. But the lockdown came on March 23rd. So we are making changes and additions in the story and script. But has been delayed by the corona. A movie like this should be seen in the theater. That is why we are releasing this film at a good time. Wallpapers over there are a lot of big movies.

Naga Chaitanya watched this movie. I was not there when he saw me. I was in a different shooting. After watching the movie, talk to the director for forty minutes. He said that he liked the movie very much.

The movie has family emotions. Father and Son are emotionally strong in the city. There will be no message as the class peeks. But there is a message underlined. Ajay played the role of Ammiraju wonderfully.

Music director Gopi Sundar has a good bond with Sreenu. When asked to do a movie .. nothing was said about remuneration. Give as much as you can .. I will do this movie. That’s a very great thing.

I do not like gambling. I do not play those games. I watch chicken races but do not bet. The film starts from the Sankranthi festival. We will show the festive atmosphere there. There are many types of chickens in the chicken coop. I love animals. I got used to the chicken used in this movie. That hen is awkward that there is no shooting. It also became a shooting habit. Eating or not. (Laughs)

Do not plan a career. I will do whatever I like best. Now the standup Rahul post production is going on. Will be released soon. Mass Maharaja has recently started shooting.

I’m proud of every movie I’ve made. We all work hard for a movie. Something goes wrong somewhere. Let’s make sure that mistake doesn’t happen again. It is an ongoing process.

I do not even know how to get to Hyderabad. I came here like that. I did fourteen movies. Another movie is ready. All three movies are on line. Want more great luck than this.

Good family drama. Enjoy two and a half hours with friends and family.

Standup Rahul is a feel good entertainer. Mass Maharaja is completely different. The slang is also new.

There came a web series chance. I loved it so much. But the dates could not be adjusted as the two were filming. I will try another language after hitting a movie here.

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