Elephant Politics To Win Elections

There is a president. Do not think of a sarpanch of a village. President of the country. He is President Mokgweetsi Masisi of Botswana, a South African country. The point is that in this country there was a ban on elephant hunting. Now he has lifted the ban and allowed people to kill the elephants as many as they want.

Even under the ban,  secretly people were killing some elephants. There were 10 million elephants 100 years ago, and now down to four lakhs. Between 2007-2014 one-third of the elephant population was killed.

Although elephants destroy crops and kill people – we should preserve animals and protect biodiversity on this earth. The animal lovers are angry with the president. The real thing behind taking such is decision is an election. Their elections to be held in Botswana in upcoming October. As per political analysts there, the decision of ban lift was taken by President, just to get votes from African rural people who kill elephants for their needs.

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