Early Elections Of KCR.. Problem Today For CBN?

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KCR once again washed Chandra Babu away. KCR said that Chandrababu is only a manager but not a leader at all. And he described him as the worst among all the leaders. After his remarks – it is no wonder if one remembers the day in assembly when YSR criticized Chandrababu harshly saying “I will wash off you today”.

If you look at KCR’s speech, he seems to be planning to influence the Andhra election. Whether he is openly supportive of any of the Andhra parties – his criticisms seem to be intimidating Chandrababu. If you look at these comments – it seems obvious that some people may have any old hostility between KCR Chandrababu. KCR wants to lose Chandrababu in AP. Would you like any of the benefits of KCR that is beyond the scope of his old revenge? Want to cycle in both states? Is it possible? – Such questions arise in the minds of the minds.

The view that the original Venky wedding has been killed has been killed – KCR is making the life of Babu alive in Andhra now. Going ahead for the early elections – and there is a great victory here – now that KCR’s words have become more valuable. Even if there are elections in Telangana and Telangana – so there is a pre-election campaign – KCR does not make any serious comments on Babu! People are saying. Anyway – all the opposite of Babu has been working hard and the situation seems to be okay – oops! Unless he is – his fans can not do it.

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