Don’t People Know The History Until Varma Reminds?

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Trends seem that Chandra Babu’s opinions now in Andhra! Chandrababu’s opposition to Andhra voters is high. It is obvious that the frustration of the people in the Chandrababu regime is clearly noticeable in YouTube videos and the scenes that appear there. Specifically – Verma – Laxmis NTR’s spin-off song has appeared in many channels. But in any channel … the majority of the comments are against Chandrababu. It is true that Chandrababu has already suffered the distortion that the ruling party’s popularity with the Varma video and YouTube comments is not good enough to do it. There is also opposition from Chandrababu people through various surveys. Why is someone else The Telugu Desam Vargas – It is true that this time has come to the idea of ​​success.

But now it is surprising to see the words and comments of the people who are against opposition to Chandrababu. Today, Chandrababu is the one who is capable of being able to lead the state in the difficulty of all time, the right and the hardest time – the announcement of the announcement of the announcement, “Chandrababu has done what he did, what did he do? Until then. But some of them go ahead – “The real Chandrababu is from the first, the party is not his own, the Mahanabha has betrayed the NTR – an unlawful party,” he said. If Chandrababu was really ineffective, did we ever win votes so many times? – It seems strange no one does not think. This level of criticism increased further after Varma’s video came out. Chandra Babu was not a great ruler but he was always a great administrator. But his fans are unable to dig into talking only as an unspoken a backup.

People seem to think that it is a matter of time and time. The story of Chandrababu’s back story! It’s in the campaign! Now that Varma comes and says something new – does not the public know what Chandrababu betrayed NTR? Know. Verma also says “I do nothing new, I say what happened” – Why did no one ever speak? Did not speak. But why did that Chandrababu win? – No answer to this question.

Anyway – the politicians seem to be forgetful of the people that some believe. If someone comes and reminds them of something – react to it! And they do not question any kind of injustice. Prasnincaleru. Look at what is convenient for them. That is the same democracy.

Is the public really suffering from the betrayal of NTR? If that was the day they had to question the baby. Okay. It is difficult to question those who are in office. Risk work. Ramgopalvarman does not have the courage of the common man. But when people believe that Chandrababu has betrayed him, can he be defeated in the election? Not once, why is it repeated to win? Is this the people’s selfish? Is opportunism anna?

Anyway – that generation is different. Those conditions are different. Now a dynamic person like Varma has come forward. He remembered the treachery again. Is this a brave man before the opposite side of the crowd? That’s why all of you are opportunistic, mole throwing negative comments on Chandrababu? Suppose Chandra Babu was really betrayed by chance. And if he has been aware of the fact that his betrayal has been made clear to you – the Chandra Babu.

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