Does Beepless YouTube Journalism Work ***?

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Is Citizen Journalism Everyday New or New? That is. Because a recent YouTube channel has released a video called ‘Interview with Sri Reddy at the urging of the audience’, it should be noted that the thumbnail under the thumbnail is “without beeps”. Usually, when someone uses a little sarcastic words in the Leader Actor – when the media takes the news to the public, sometimes people instinctively recognize the slander that people use. However, without saying those words – putting a beep on top of a certain culture is a rule practiced by all those in journalism. No one specifically asks why they didn’t follow that rule, but it’s a symbol of culture. That’s it!

However, when people like Sri Reddy talk a bit, we are a society of people who think “oh, you shouldn’t hear such words from a girl’s mouth”. Daring, or because of the bitter experience she has, she has seen her use of words beyond her usual limits. Sri Reddy admires bravery but – is that too good to be true? Why Use Wrong Words? There are. However, the words of those who are so bellicose bellies do not always come up. That is why she can argue that they are not false words.

There are many in the community who have a Rebel mentality. They are part of the community! There is no problem with emotion with their feelings. But it is journalism that informs the public of their feelings. There are some rules in journalism for saying so. Even if it is acknowledged, the culture should be followed. Youtube channels without any word beeps should think this. True. Showing and listening to something so green is also required in journalism once in a while. However, it is yours to proclaim that we are without beeps. Because this is just a thumbnail-like affair that attracts lower-level people who say “let’s get boobs out of the girl’s mouth”, which shows that journalism is great … it doesn’t seem to prove that we are adept at delivering news.

With journalism coming into the hands of the people, how can it cross the path of Rana … control of the original, whether or not … we can not imagine what would happen. This is public journalism. We are unable to control the bias of the traditional media. There are situations in which they like. So who can say no to values in this public journalism that is free? What can be controlled? How can I question who went wrong? The future must be determined.

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