Does Balakrishna Look Like NTR?

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If you want to give a genuine NTR biopic with this commitment to commit to this generation – take a single person with NTR comparisons to take the film in every stage of the story. Wanted – in the second half – Balakrishna may come when the old-time NTR’s role is. But – without age – NTR is going to be a NTR at every stage of childhood? Accepting the difficulty of the viewer is difficult. That’s what happened.

Anyone who has similarities with NTR who has taken pictures – would have made it easier for audiences to admit them as NTR. Anyone who has been screened for some time, or NTR’s sons and men in comparison with us, has come to the screen and wearing NTR in the crowd. But Balakrishna, who has been familiar with us as Balakrishnan – “how did it look like the NTR has changed?” He is not even a full-time actor. He is a person who has always acted as a Balakrishnan film. Suddenly he was – “I am not, my daddy, let me know my daddy for a while” – how? When he comes to the role of Balakrishna in the first half, he is called “Ramaravu, Rama Rao, Rama Rao, Rama Rao” – “He is not Balakrishna, Suma, NTR” people are hypnotized. But the first half of the film did not see the Young Junior NTR in Balakrishna. The original director needs to know that – the mind of Balakrishna in front of him – he is not Balakrishna, NTR – every moment of thinking – the audiences is a big mental labor. This is badly damaged.

But when it comes to the second half, Balakrishna was able to recall NTR sometimes in the role of Hipnatism. Instead of telling Balakrishna’s dialogue in the scenes like Danavira Shoorakarna – there was a direct effect on the NTR speech. Balakrishna, however, is to be seen as the entire NTR – just a couple of times it is sad to worry NTR.

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