Link Between Modi & WordPress?

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‘Word Press’ is a popular name among web designers and webmasters. Word Press is a CMS tool used in the back end to update websites . CMS means – content management system. This is a technical tool used to manage the information on a website. More than a third of the world’s millions of websites run with word press. Modi is no less popular now. We have seen him running the Howdy Modi program as the world looks forward to Modi’s speech. While the congressional criticism of the cost of this – we do not have any prime minister elevated to international platforms in the past – at least not in the meantime.
Okay, word press is technically popular, Modi is politically popular. There can be no doubt that both of these are related. Very Simple. When Word Press Administrators, (or Subscribers Wagira) log into the Word Press-based Web site – the back-end – the word “Howdy” appears at the top right. Welcome. Hey, how are you? … Hello, how are you? This is the word used to congratulate you. It is a word used in American slang. English is a common word used in some parts of the United States.
Howdy is best used by those familiar with American slang. Normal English is not used by most people. Yet the term is familiar to technical people – by word press! Now Modi has made the word more popular. Thus, the technical Houdiki and Modigari Political Houdiki link. Whatever the World Press (World Journalists) turned to him, the word press word Howdy was very useful.

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