Do You Believe These Media Headings?

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Voter is the main character in democracy. His decision is crucial. If the government is thinking, the government will change. The history of political leaders has turned out. These are all truths! But are all these really going on? Does a citizen have value in democracy? Is politics especially in harmony with his opinion? – That is not to say. Our democracy is straining amongst many dangers, such as money, rhetoric strength, temptations, rougeism and technology tampering. Politicians are constantly looking for ways to capture the power of the people without regard to the opinion of the original people. Media Management is one of them. Many media organizations have fallen victims of their own party support for their own interests. Clearly, we are seeing the atmosphere where media organizations cooperate with politicians in hijacking the opinion of innocent people with the words and the throbbing surveys.

But the painful thing is that the karif who needs the karif address for democracy is a bachelorette in the game between the barriers of the political leaders – the banana in the game. But if he does not recognize what is fraudulent – that the heroes are continually destroying democracy will be guaranteed to survive … Meadia – Whenever the opportunity is available, the headman will be raised to sky. It is true that the people will think that democracy is a great deal of rumor. “The truth is that democracy is going well and people have more confidence in democracy, but that faith Unsolicited voter is a non-democratic anti-democratic car The common people are identifying Yakramal.

Everybody became a media institution – this time in social media, the traditional media games are no longer valid. Supporting the parties in the barrier, making mistakes that are contrary to democracy, to justify the voter and to be a king for sleeping … This is how the farmers are sleeping on the side of the pesticides and the hordes of the king. The media should recognize that people have long since believed this old-fashioned journalism tricks.

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