Do NTR Movie Promotion Need Such Posters?

As the film gets closer – producers are releasing each poster. For the NTR movie, the poster has been released with a song sitout. The film ‘Yalamgoa’ from ‘Olommy Thikku Ragiginda’? . In this song in Yamaguchi NTR Jayaprakhi strokes. Hero should behave sensibly with the heroine. But there was a lot of criticism of what was to be done. Whether NTR is a great actor or a great actor – the fact that he has been overwhelmed by the cinematography is the fact that the criticism of the momentum is boiling. Even though NTR’s undesirable roles are still popular among older mythological films – we can see that NTR’s performance in the 70s and 80s has been criticized for over-action. Yamagolla is a hit movie. Even though NTR’s performance is a bit overwhelming for this generation. Especially – like the hero kicking and kicking in the song! What is NTR! – They can be remembered as old, and he can be sure. But putting the guy on the side of the pigeon – this is the only thing that is scanned by the only thing that is true. So, for the promotion of this film, which aims to showcase only the greatness of NTR – is it an act of criticism that has been given to over-action stills? The producers and the director should think.

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