Did You Observe Oyo’s OA Of Embarrassing Ads?

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Merchants do a lot of tricks for increase their business. That might be a movie, something else can be a business. Wants to reach people through advertising.

It may be business ethics that big billboards, hoardings, sign boards put on the road and turn people’s eyes on them and there by increase the business. However, the closure of the bigger building – the OYO now opened to a clandestine advertising trend – as their windows and doors closed to the world – as well as the underlying part of the building to be darkened.

App OYO used for travelers. Rooms can be booked in any town by Oyo App. Whenever you go there – when you get a train ticket there – OYO is used to book the hotel room there.

Now this OYO is following a graphic approach to promoting their brand in all of the cities. Rounding large red stickers on the big buildings beside busy roads. The bigger these stickers are – the building doors and the windows are big enough to close. These big big stickers are put on the wall of the walls and half of the edge. It is very awkward for those viewers to see how they are agreeing with the commercial perspective. Inside the ventilation hit buildings are becoming darker giants.

People say, “How much business do you want to close the doors to close the stickers and how much miserable business!” Of course! No matter how much business, OYO is better off to reduce this OA (over action).

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