Defamation of EVM With Fear Of Blame….

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Election has passed. But the results are forty days away. Mandala Dilshaka – Won or tension is the time that the activists have to spend in the heart of the tension. One of the allegations started over and over.

Whether the electorate is so complete … Telugu Descendants all about the credibility of EVMs and the commitations of committing to the ease. YSRC is suspected that Telugu Desam Party is going to be defeated in this election and hence, all the Telugu Desam sympathizers are going to be part of the conspiracy to plan ahead. If their suspicions are true – in the coming days

The attack may be more. Since the Election Results are still away, there are hundreds of discrepancies in EVMs and EVMs that are known to be Telugu Telugu Media. Some of the media organizations can work hard to create an opinion in the public that EVMs are not reliable.

From now on – Jagan has made positive comments on EVMs. Taking this as an excuse – alleges that the EC is positive to the entire VCP and alleges that they have contributed to Kandivasya. Chandrababu Naidu is the only one who has to go straight and find it easy to begin with.

If tomorrow is the Telugu language, then will the EVM allegations continue to be in Telugu? “Abbey, somehow Anna, but everything is fine,” it is certainly not to jay, but to blame. And so on the EMS and EMS and Yellow Party cause the fight to fight – is it scary to lose? Did they have such accurate information? How has it been received What is truth?

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