Day Is Independent.. People Are Dollar Dependent!


Independence Day has arrived. This is a the day that is celebrated all over India. On this day, all citizens in the country need to remember the freedom fighters, their victories and sacrifices. True. If you open the Internet today, you would see a sea of celebrations.

Earlier, Independence Day Flavor was being visible in Google’s Doodles only . Now YouTube channels have grown up … Facebook, Whatsapp users increaded great and so now everyone looks like a great patriotic. They are sharing great quotations about patriotism, and the incidents from the history of freedom fight and freedom fighters in the form of videos, images. This publicity and propagation has increased more than ever.

It is really good to have a sense of living in the country. But the painful thing is that these posts and most of the shares are intended to use the craze of the day ‘August 15th’. Memes are made based on the history of great people who are forgotten. Seeking the history of freedom fighters is Wikipedia is being searched and more videos are being uploaded on YouTube. But.. really all these people are loving our great people? We can not say. “Our video mustget more views, more subscribers and so we should get some gain to our channel. More Ad revenue.. More Dollars” These are the main targets of many people. As they doesn’t know the spirit behind the history of Indian Independence, and in a hurry to cash the event quick they are posting many factual errors too.

Okay, anyway what they are doing not good, is not it? – Let us get adjusted? Fine. Of course, what else we can do in this scenario? Happy Independence Day to all!

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