Congress’s Mistake Becomes KCR’s Weapon?


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KCR started campaigning successfully. He kept coming out on the opposition while waiting for him. It’s anticipated! But KCR has seen Chandra Babu in his lecture. He is a critical weapon of criticism on Chandrababu. Because of the reluctance of KCR on Chandrababu – it is a natural matter. But this is the weakening of the points that the Congress is doing on the KCR. KCR is easy to avoid without answering them. Those who are above can be brewed with criticism. Their ally with Chandrababu seems to give him that comfort.

There are many opinions expressed in the Telangana Congress after KCR’s speech. At the lecture, KSR Telugu people and Andhra pattanana have come to reverse. Chandrababu is described as the “Andhra Dash”. Though all of this is ever imagined – the criticism raised by the Telangana Congressmen against the KCR – the difference between these goals is not debunked. Keerth’s speech with Telangana sentiments was a case in the case of Chandrababu, Revathi Reddy, vote count for vote. If over-the-box votes were put back to Telangana in the hands of the Andhra rulers – KCR spoke.

KCR TRAINING SITUATION – TODAY ‘ It looks like the magic of the moon. If they were not associated with Chandrababu – KCR said that at least they could not answer their criticisms, and then they would have heard the anti-KCR anti-people in the crowd. But with the alliance with Chandrababu – Chandrababu’s fault all come to us – they say that in some points the situation is unbearable.

That may be true. But do not you think of all these leaders before the alliance? It is easy to imagine that the KCR will be based on Chandrababu – even in the upcoming conferences. It should be prepared by Telangana Congress. But what are the gain of the hands and the time now?

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