Congress Says : KCR Did Nothing For Bifurcation!


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The Congress said that KCR did not do anything to achieve Telangana. He has given Telangana to them without consulting at least. The combined capital of the commonly developed capital – Telangana of the ten districts of Telangana – which were unjustly distributed by the Congress. Who told the Congress to do so? KCR has fought for a separate Telangana, in which there is a struggle for existence. So something has happened that means something – but no one can fight, no one can do the movement – just fight it – something that the Telangana cosulavalla the Congress says. Did the Congress really give Telangana? If it is true – the Congress is confident that 100% of all division factions are responsible for themselves! If these words are true – can the apostants forgive Congress ever? – All of us should think of Congress before it’s our credit.

In Telangana, the election war between the TRS and Congress has started. The CWG member Ghulam Nabi Azad yesterday made a strong statement that there was no role in the formation of Telangana state. He also said that the talks were not held with the TRS before the original Telangana issue and the whole state was created by the Congress leaders. If the TRS had their role in the formation of the state … Telangana (Congress) they were able to produce .. the result they (TRS) cut off. Azad spoke to them.

Azad expressed hope that people have realized that the Congress has achieved Telangana, and they will win. However, there is a difference between what to achieve and to give. Telangana gave Congress No one can deny it. However, it is clear to the public that anyone who has brought the event to the end of the event and makes it impossible to give a separate state. With the intention of giving the party a benefit in the wrong situation, the Congress party belongs to the tone of the Andhra people. It is the opinion of the Andhra people that the Congress was unable to get the benefit of the state as a result of the penalty of the people.

With the TRS and KCR, the whole movement is lifted up – nothing is worthless, and the original Congresses gave Telangana, and they say all credit is karcata? – Congress should think of it. If the three ladders who have believed that the stomach was stuck in the third bed – what it looks like – is that the Congress has come from Telangana. If the Congress really did not have its own political profit on that day, many would say that this is not a Telangana state. Anyway, the state has to give a profit to self-gain – the history of the Parliament that has never been in history – the Congress has given the state a closed state. Even if Telangana could not have come, so many Telangana thinks. In this way, you should think of doing good to Telangana in the Congress – in the same way. But who is the reason for Congress to do that? Who has brought the Congress and the people’s disillusionment that the state would have a profit? Now this happened – the KCR did not do anything – that no one does not believe. The Congress should clearly know this.

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