Cine ‘ma’ Artists Roaring On Both Sides!

Cine 'ma' Artists Roaring On Both Sides!

“Fighting loss … gain gain” … is called adulthood. No matter how many … it doesn’t matter as long as it hits. But it does mean that the final loss will be if it hits. Now the situation of Telugu filmmakers is becoming the same as observers.

Cine 'ma' Artists Roaring On Both Sides! 1

The ‘our’ elections, which started as a small contest – eventually took a turn for the worse, leaving an indelible mark on the history of Tollywood with many developments and consequences. People with big big egos … fighting for small powers – ‘Our’ election remains an example of how silly and serious the consequences can be. Well, one will win the election … the other will lose. It is normal for the winners to be happy … for the losers to be a little unhappy … but this time there are situations where the artists on both sides are suffering. The same thing to note!

If we lose, we will lose … but we have effectively exposed the frauds in the elections …. At first, the Prakash Raj community seemed to be happy. But their allegations were ignored by the Vishnu community – at least. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. It turned out that there was nothing that was going to happen. This is a serious blow to the Prakash Raj community. When it was learned that the Telangana government also had the support of the Vishnu community, the Prakash Raj faction fell further behind.

Now some in the Prakash Raj community are wondering whether it is true that their allegations have not been answered … whether they have won, sacrificed their positions and lost unnecessarily … If you look at Mohan Babu’s, let’s add everyone up … It seems that they have a chance to identify Egasparty as Egsparty. So, did we make a mistake in a hurry … Did we make a mistake by making allegations against Mohan Babu and Vishnu … Some people are in a dilemma. Although the faults are on the ice – they wonder if it was their fault for speaking openly about their faults. There is a kind of anxiety among some in the Prakash Raj community as to whether they are going to lose out in terms of their careers and whether they are hurting their place in the open-air cinema industry.

Pony, is everyone on the winning Vishnu panel happy … that is, they say no. Because – Mohan Babu, who was the same until Vishnu won, seems to be turning everything upside down by acting as a legislator after the win. If he goes against his will – he will not have the fear of being cursed … he will have to be beaten … he will not have any corner. It would have been enough if Prakash Raj had gone with the team … there they were comfortably free. How many of us have won and are still stuck here? What is God? … Some people in the Vishnu community are suffering. However, neither the latter nor the latter are willing to discuss anything in public. Because – if you want to open your mouth – then Prakash Raj’s strategy is thwarted. Itu – Norettavaddanna Mohanbabu order is likely to be.

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