Chitra Lahari Going To Be A Hit


Supremo Sathyadharam Tej is the heroine of the film ‘I am Sailaja’ Kishore Thirumala directed by Mithri Mammi Makers. Kalyani Priyadarshan opposite Saidhiram Tej and Raghavendra Pradhuraj is acting as heroines. The producers are planning to release the film all over the world on April 12. The film is releasing teaser on Wednesday. On this occasion ..
Producer Naveen Ernely said, “I’ve just released teaser. Very good response comes. There is also a good response from media allies. Kishore Thirumala is directing the movie with Saidhurthazu. Actress Pethuraj, Kalyani Priyadarshan and Sunil Gaga. Our ‘Chithalahari’ movie got very well. Very confident. I loved the title. Once connected to everyone. We are releasing the film on April 12th. Promotions are starting. In the first week of April, we will have a pre-release function and will be released on April 12th. We believe that gaining great success. We are convinced that the supreme dice will come back again. ”
Director Kishore Tirumala said “Thanks to the media. Thanks to the sugars who gave voice over teaser. Thanks to producers Naveen, Ravi and Mohangari Thank you. Thanks to Artists and Technicians who support me. The film got very well. Happy. I hope everyone will like it. ”
Heroine Raghavendra Pathuraj said, “Kishore was very confident when told the script. He has acted heroine characters beautifully. Sadiadharam Wonderful Costar. Thanks to the producers of the film which gave good roles in the film. Working with Kalyani Priyadarshan Happy. The film will release on April 12th. We are confident that the film will succeed. ”
Sunil said, ” If I’m in Bhimavaravadu, I’m still in the wine shop while I’m going to be .. How can I do that .. Director Kishore Tirumala gave that character. I am happy to come up with a good character through this film while looking forward to a good character. There is a comedy in the journey of cinema. Thanks to the story and thank you for being a different and good movie. This summer, the audience who goes to the movie is happy and laughing with good feeling. Good Feel Good Love Story. New story. All the Best “.
Suprem Hero Saiadhar Tee said: “Thanks to Sugamagari, thanks to Voice Over, accepting Voice Over. Devisri Prasad along with wonderful music. Excellent background score too. There are a lot of four songs. Thanks to producers Navangari, Ravikari and Mohangari for giving a good film. With a lot of support, we have not seen any deficit. Director Kishore Thirumalaguru has told the story about how well the movie is directed. The movie is very well liked. Karthik gave spectacular visuals. Sunil is the comedy timing while enjoying the comic sense. I wanted to make a film with him after becoming an actor. He worked in this movie and enjoyed working with him. ”
Sadiadharage, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Raghavendra Pathuraj is the heroine of the film. Music: Devi Sri Prasad, Art: ASP Prakash, Editor: Srikar Prasad, Cinematography: Karthik Ghatmananini.

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