Chiranjeevi’s Appeal To The People


Chiranjeevi, who started the Corona Crisis Charity and has been supporting them during this difficult time, recently sent a video message asking people to be careful about the intensity of the Corona second wave.

Speaking on the occasion, Chiranjeevi said, “The second wave of Corona is very intense. Many are struggling to survive the virus. It is taking a long time to recover. The heart is pounding as we lose our loved ones to the virus. Under these circumstances, the Telugu states were locked down again. At least don’t neglect it now. Don’t come out of the house. Be sure to wear a mask when you need to come out. Wear a double mask if possible. Vaccination is also going on in the lockdown. Register and get everyone vaccinated. After that the effect is less if the corona is positive. Do not panic if Kovid is positive. Fear is killing mine earlier than viruses. Go to the isolation knowing that Corona is positive. Separate yourself. Consult a doctor. Use medications. If you have a respiratory problem, go to the hospital immediately. Antibodies will be ready in the months following corona treatment. If you donate plasma each one will be the one who saved the other two. Tell this to as many people as possible during this time of disaster. If we protect the land, we will be the ones who saved the country. “Take all precautions and be safe,” he said.

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