Movie in Banjara language: Song Released by Chandrabose‌

Chandrabose unveiled the song from the Banjara movie 'Gore Mati'

Shankar Jadhav, Karishma, Adire Abhi, Siri Raj starrer Rekhya Nayak is producing a bilingual film Rajput (Born of Warrior) in Telugu and Gore Mati (Power of Unity) in Banjara under the banner of Banjara Big Cinemas. The song in the film was released by Chandrabose.

Speaking on the occasion, Chandrabose said, “12 crore Banjaras in India must watch this movie. Surely this movie is so wonderfully crafted. The cast performed wonderfully. The director also crafted the film wonderfully. If you like this image they will bring you more pictures like this. I definitely want this movie to be a hit. ‘

Zabardas Adire Abhi said .. ‘If you all watch this movie and hit it … ten more movies will come. There should be a Banjara movie like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Maliwood. ‘

Shankar Jadhav, who acted as the hero and directed, said … ‘Gore Mati coming under this banner will not stop with the movie. Raising the level of Banjara and mentioning about the Banjara race, he said that many films will come under this banner to be appreciated by all. It is not easy to be a director and a hero. The film team has helped me a lot. We have completed this film with the support of everyone. I need your blessings. ‘

Producer Rekhya Nayak said … ‘Everyone helped me a lot for this film. My thanks to all of them. Direction Department for the film, DOP Gopi, Music Director Yum. Y.Raja, Editor Kranti Ila Chitra Unit have all done some dedication work. I think Shankar, who plays the hero and directs, is the younger brother. This movie came out very well and I wholeheartedly want our movie to be a great success for everyone to see. ‘

Cast: Shankar Jadhav, Karishma, Adire Abhi, Siri Raj, Dr. Shiva Shankar, Zabardast Gaddam Naveen, Chitti Babu, Sunita Manohar, Mahendra, Sampath Nayak, Sharwan Perumal, Chayank, Purushottam Reddy etc.

Technicians: Banner: Banjara Big Cinemas, Editor: Kranti, Visual Effects: Ramu Addanki, Lyrics: M Srinivas, Action: Devaraj, PRO: Babu Nayak,
Music: ML Raja, DOP: Gopi, Producer: Rekhya Nayak, Director: Shankar Jadhav

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