Chandrababu Speeds Up After KCR’s Win?

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KCR is the success of Telangana and Babu’s representation has been demolished. The most important thing in this election – KCR is the support of Andhra Pradesh. Looking at KCR’s commitment to developing Telangana – most of them are in Andhra – maybe you can see YSR. KCR has already received many invitations to come back to Andhra. Chandrababu, who is looking at these developments, does not increase the growth momentum – it is hoped that even AP will not be in a hurry. That is why every development program is being launched in large numbers. The speed of layers is increased. But he has to recognize that the AP has already found that the concessions are high and the development is low. If the graphics are much less practical – if the graphics do not really work out – the truth is that Chandrababu is worried about tomorrow’s AP!

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