Chandrababu Looks Like Lokesh?

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Fathers appear as the son becomes bigger. But as the father gets older, the son looks like it’s strange! Chandrababu and Lokesh seems to be doing this thing. Looking at the pictures of this coming Chandrababu, he is looking at the sight of Lokesh gaze. Whether or not you decide. These are not morphs photos. The true photos of magazines!

Chandrababu is a leader who has an unfavorable experience. He does things without feeling any sense in the eyes. He does not have a deep look in his successor Lokesh. Amogany is a rising politician, but now it seems that Lokesh is seen with a seemingly unparalleled perspective. It is good to have a young Lokesh hushar. But politics is not in the eyes of the experience.

However, Chandrababu has a lot of experience in recent times – it is surprising that Lokesh looks to match with Looks. In the eyes of his eyes nowadays no feelings have been found – now there is something unknown. What is the reason for this? Are the decisions that Chandrababu is currently immortal? So why did his eyes have immature? Or is it feeling insecure?

Chandra Babu’s worry over the consequences of KCR victory in Telangana and another side tomorrow’s AP Election Tension? – Looks recently looking at his gaze! It can be understood by anyone who is not mature in lockers. But the politically shaky Chandrababu Looks – Lokesh Looks is a movie! Chandrababu still works like a young man. Everyday hours are hard. That’s why he feels he is like a younger man, but it is not wrong.

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