Chandrababu Fixes Jagan’s Time!

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Chandrababu fixes Jagan’s time . And yes, Chandrababu is a loser, Jagan is on the top, and what is Jagan’s Chandrababu Time Fix? Not mind. That’s all in AP politics. In the public domain, the seniors have their own strength. Chandrababu fell on the election in the AP election and got up immediately. It is necessary to rise or not. NTR Jayanti has been given a good deal. Marinkem? Since the Telugu Desam ranges for this disastrous defeat is not permanently clutter-their enthusiastic burden on the Bhujas- is that Chandrababu has come to the front of the media. The senior Brain has acknowledged that it is better not to take advantage of the opportunity to take a quicker chance than to show face to face with such a terrible defeat. So he got up and immediately rushed to his army. Time was also given to Jagan.

“Let’s get up, do not say new government, let’s review ourselves and think about what to do next,” he said. At the moment, the Telugu Desam Party does not have anything to do and does not even know what to do – it’s time to think! That is why we should give some time to the new government, “said Chandrababu. Really, he should be happy for our generosity. He says he will not be criticized for a while – really great opportunity for Jagan!

Furthermore, Jagan did not make any oaths. No files have been signed. And there is no way to criticize anything. People feel frustrated. If all the Ottlesi won the race – is this the same thing? – is called Anna. Perhaps that’s why Chandrababu has been smarter and delicate. Jagan may have gained the popularity of the people … can be won if people win the race with an overwhelming majority! But in this case Jagan Mohan Reddy should be grateful to Chandrababu! Because of the political quarrel between them – no matter how the Jagan rule, Chandrababu and the Telugu Desam communities will be seriously criticized in the coming days! – This tells if he asks a child in AP. And that’s what all of the media strength of Chandrababu is not all that! There is a lot to do with the media that he is ready to get rid of the right to do any work tomorrow. Chandrababu with all the strength – at least for a while, do not be bothered to offer a bargain at all?

But the time has passed since Chandrababu’s time! That’s not how long it will be. One month? Two months Or six months? It may not be. Political analysts assume that within a couple of months, Chandra Babu may begin to crack down on media pics. It is clear that Chandrababu is curious to criticize – that’s a little weird. It is not good to start criticizing something without even taking a sworn oath. If you look at the weather, you know what’s going on tomorrow with the criticism of the field.

Okay. Opposition is a democratic right to criticize the government. So no one can deny it. And where do critics begin to start? It’s also easy to say! “Modi’s center has enough strength – in the case of special status in the center is not very demanding,” – can be imagined that the yellow party’s criticisms start from that point in the background that Jagan is too young. This is because in the eyes of Tollywood, it is definitely a political immature! True. The special status comes from the four-year-old waking up and nailing – at the end of the nin analli … the possibilities that are soon to be said to be a strain … is it politics? That’s why the criticisms start from that point. Moreover, every decision taken by Jagan after the swearing in ceremony can be easily assessed as a potential attack on the issue. So … pics! Bee Let’s see how come back!

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