Can Stir In CBI Make CBN Relax?


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Stir in the CBI … the same news. But in the media it has different stories. If a journal is a small newsletter called DSP’s arrest – some of the magazines have gone so far as the CBI is completely lost and lost. Is there any dowry behind this difference?
Every time the accused accuses him, every time the investigating agencies are to blame – the opponents are criticizing Chandrababu’s escape from some technique. Chandrababu also never counts, without any reaction, always creep into the clutter of the original. The demands of the opposition are to be heard and investigated by the CBI on Chandrababu’s case. But some recent unfavorable developments in the CBI are going to be useful to Chandrababu. – The discussion began in political circles.

As part of a confrontation between Special Director Rakesh Ashankani and Director Alok Verma, the CBI’s highest investigative agency in the country, the CBI has been in a position to investigate itself. Based on these latest revisions, some magazines have been seizing CBI – noting that the staircase has been cut off and the news is being picked up by the highest chain of ‘chee’. It is said that this trend has emerged in the leading magazines named as Chandrababu Vaidya. However, YSRSG was given a simple news that it was ‘CBI’s DSP arrest’. What is the difference?
Who has gained any benefit?

The surveys are now predicting that the cases on corruption on Chandrababu are likely to begin after the split from BJP and TDP from Modi. In this context, a section of the media is working hard to protect Chandrababu. The media has observed that the recent unwanted developments in the CBI – Chandrababu – are likely to be accompanied by criticisms of the current sensitivity of the CBI and the “tightening of the popularity of the CPI.” If this is true – in the media – the CBI – the termination of the articles that are beyond the limits. Indeed, if any of the CBI investigations on Chandrababu will come up tomorrow – as a precaution to counter it – the assessment of the observers is that the credibility of the CBI’s credibility has begun. Of course! If there is a bad opinion about the credibility of the CBI, the company is frowned upon – it can easily escape anyone.
Who needs to be saved?

Not only the CBI, but the fact that there is a lot of corruption in any organization. But it’s not right to take advantage of the original company’s roots. The spy agency was also lured into ‘Ra’ and there were also reports of its credibility. True. What a great company to reveal when it’s wrong! The news is written! Let people know the truth! But to correct the error and reinstate the system, it is a fatal mistake to say that we have to protect those who want to protect themselves. If today’s great company loses credibility for our need – tomorrow many criminals will escape that. It can be a danger for future democracies. It should be kept in the media’s eyes.

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