Can Aatmika Replace Samantha?

Can Aatmika Replace Samantha?

Spiritual .. If you see that girl by mistake someone will think she is Samantha. The big plus point for Atmika, who is just getting opportunities in the Tamil film industry right now … is that she looks like Samantha! In addition to these similarities, Samantha’s dressing and style are also spiritual. Saying Samantha’s name – this heroine is gaining a lot of craze in both Telugu and Tamil.

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And the real Samantha – she’s a successful success story. Career flops are low. Super‌ hits‌ more. The original – Samantha if enough, the movie is a super hit .. on the scale – the Golden Leg seems to have brought the name. Not just the hit heroine, Samantha still has specialties. While some heroines have made a name for themselves in their careers – personal life seems to be okay. Some personal life, however, is completely damaged. But not only looking at Samantha’s top career .. I have to say that she has also been successful in her personal life. Akkineni became a member of the prestigious film industry. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Usually our heroines – no matter how talented they are – automatically lose popularity after marriage. However, Samantha was able to break it too. Even after she married Nagachaitanya, big hits like Theater and O Baby fell on her account. That’s why Samantha still has a craze. However, it has always been proven that no matter how much craze there is, the audience will not accept a married heroine as a full-fledged heroine.

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On the one hand … Samantha has a great image. There is popularity among the people. But married. What if another girl like Achcham Samantha comes at a time like this? Separate that kick! That’s exactly what spirituality is all about!

Samantha seems to be trying to grow spiritually by capturing the gap that formed when she got married. Not only in appearance … but also in style, trying to gain spiritual recognition by imitating. There is a craze for her images, especially on Twitter and Instagram. Spiritually hopes that craze will make her a great heroine.

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Being one with another is like … there are people who look like celebrities everywhere. Once upon a time they would fall into the same field as the celebrity sinners in that field. They are also trying to become popular with their image. For example in the film industry … a man named Rajkumar who looks like Chiranjeevi – got opportunities as an actor for that reason for a while. Meanwhile, Junior Shobhana, who looks like Shobhana, also came into the movies. We also know comedians like Junior Relangi. Also now he himself looks like Samantha and is attracting people spiritually.

It’s really great to look like a successful heroine like Samantha. But spiritual remembrance is one thing. Looking like Samantha is a plus point but … just – one thing should not depend on yours.

Originality is always essential for great successes. Imitation adaptation is something that initially comes with four successes and then gradually people don’t care. So instead – if he gets opportunities through his talent first and achieves even small success – then his comparison with that celebrity stands as a good plus point. Other than that, it is not correct to play the whole game based on comparison. Because, none of the juniors who came into the field with the comparison in forms could get a tenth of the name that the original celebrities got. It would be good if they, like the spiritual, grasp this truth. Anyway best of luck to the spiritual!

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