Boasting As App For 12 languages … Promoting Only Hindi!

( This is a raw translation /machine translation posted temporarily. Until we replace it with fine version, Please read Telugu version if you are comfortable with Telugu. Follow the Telugu link below the article. )

The Zee5 app is now on the PlayStore. This is a TV app. The app is promoting ‘Indian TV App’. This app, which boasts about 90 live channels and content in 12 languages, is actually promoting Hindi. The language discrimination is clear if you go into the language settings in this app.

If you go into the section Zee5 in the Zee5 App, there are two tabs called Dislay and Content. Display will be seen in the language in the App. Hindi, English, Marathi, Telugu etc. You can choose something. OK. However, if you go to content content … Hindi, English, Marathi and Telugu languages ​​… Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam … All of this can stop us but we can not stop English and Hindi.

For example, anyone who comes to the Telugu Zee5 is an Indian app … it’s also in his language. He does not have the Hindi content … if you want to make a tug set of … it’s not possible. If you try to turn off Hindi, it is obvious that you can not edit the language content of the default language. That same Hindi can put off all other Indian languages ​​in this app.

This app is equally admirable for other Indian languages ​​and is actually promoting Hindi only. Not only this, there are a lot of such apps in the Play Store. We need to interrogate the language discrimination of all these.

It is not wrong to make Hindi apps. Every language in India is respectable. But the Hindi apps are promoting Hindi as the name of Indian apps. It is not only insulting other languages ​​of the country, but also cheating people!

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