BJP’s Cheap Politics Disgust Telugu People

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Whenever the government in the Telugu states overthrew the seat, the BJP affair. Telugu people are noticing the BJP’s disguise – not just our real needs. What we are trying to do is to humiliate our governments that have won by overwhelming majority – insulting the defeated people! Not just pics, but also KCR are popular leaders. The people who gave them a chance. And when they sit on the pedestal, people will notice how great they are. If they are not satisfied tomorrow they will be defeated. But who is this BJP in the middle? Who can we set fire to under the seats of the leaders who won the Otesi? Do not give the rulers enough time?

The BJP will give special status to Andhra Pradesh tomorrow but the Telugu people will not bow to the BJP. The BJP must figure that out. Given the special status given to it – there is hope for the BJP in the future. It is very disgusting to hear the words of the people of the South, not respecting the judgment and the judgment of the people. – If this continues, the BJP should never give up on the South! To get a pedestal here – you have to learn to respect the sentiments of the people here. Their judgment must be valued. They should be given adequate time to the leaders who have held office. Or goodbye BJP! Telugu people. Fools who carve a worthless BJP are car Telugu. Value that party when it comes to values!

The BJP, with a good majority in the North, is south of the BJP. The whole of the southern states are deprived of their own lack of development, and they are doing a strange act of nirvana, if they are not incorporated into their image. In Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana, there is a lot of different strategies being played in the hopes of hoisting the flag.

Strategy Strategy Atangani is actually the only known strategy for the BJP! Relying on religious feelings! In Kerala, the BJP, which has blocked the Ayyappa shrine and taken the leadership of Tamil Nadu as an opportunity, is doing unimaginable politics in Karnataka but to bring down the Kumaraswamy government.

However, the BJP’s antics are becoming more nauseating in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Telangana, which has a lot of religious fervor – the BJP, which is expected to back it up, is making efforts to bring down the KCR. But to speak of religious matters – KCR is the best. He is the Chief Minister who practices the everlasting Hindu Dharma. Nevertheless, the Muslims are doing well. Telangana can not say that another chief minister who achieves such harmony.

Coming to Andhra Pradesh – BJP is trying to portray Jagan as the chief minister promoting religious conversions. Although Jagan had a Christian background in the past – it is no longer so important. In fact, to criticize Jagan religiously now – he has to go on the chief minister’s level and criticize Swaroopanandra’s blessings.

The truth of history is that national parties always see the South as inferior. But there was a sense in the past that the BJP had little value compared to the Congress. The name is utterly corrupted by the deeds of the present party. The BJP should avoid the bad things that make religious spots in the area of religious harmony. If so, the BJP’s hope of winning the South remains a fallacy. Because the BJP antics are so incompatible with the sentiments of the average South Indian.

But without realizing this, the BJP is wandering around in the world of its dreams. The BJP should talk about the actual Andhra Pradesh – give it special status first! – Saying Telugu people. Not only Chandrababu, BJP Jagan is not respected, KCR is not respecting the other side. Telugu people are noticing the BJP’s disguise – we have not realized the necessity of our leader and the need to win the party. Telugu people will not bow to BJP despite tomorrow’s special status. Given that fact, given the special status given to it – there is hope for the BJP in the future. Otherwise all that! As KCR says – that BJPvodu shouts for four days. After that, Wade cools.

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