What To Say If BJP Itself Declines Vaastu?

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The KCR has supported the MIM but never neglected the Hindu religion. He is very much believed. Moreover, religiously acceptable to all, in a harmonious manner. Telangana based on the sentiments of Hindutva in the name of the Hindutva BJP – Telangana KCR attitude is a little difficult! Nevertheless, the BJP – which is determined to be themselves across the country – is working hard in Telangana to push its leg after Karnataka.

But how much anti-KCR is here? The KCR does not seem to have much opposition to the KCR, except among the Hindu Hindus. It is unlikely that the entire population is KCR. KCR is the leader of the dream of a special state. What is the feeling of the people now – KCR, which was once known to Telangani and Yasaki language, which is now unknown? In these situations where communal rivalry in Telangana is well under way – do they choose BJP to make religious decisions? Will KCR Reach the Telangana Peeta again in 2023? Do you think the Telangana people feel that it is their responsibility to put up a Telangana baby seat? Or do you think it was Challe who won twice? This has to be fixed in time.

But here is an important point. The BJP working president said that KCR was criticizing the demolition of the Secretariat building as it was not suitable. Vasthu sentiment will be proved in 2023. The BJP, which claims to respect the Hindu dharma vishvasalini, can criticize the KCR. But is it wrong to criticize those beliefs? – That’s the question now. If BJP wins the KCR tomorrow, the BJP will say that there is no power to the Vastu. This is what they say!

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