Biopic Of The Great Singer “Ghanatasala The Great”


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Biopics are a new trend for Indian cinema. Slowly they seem to change the audience’s taste. There is no doubt that the films with real life characters are getting better by the audience. The recent coming biopic evidence is that the audience is fascinated by the fact that a common man is trying to achieve a goal and add some dramatic to the tide and lifestyle it has suffered. The most useful use in biopic is that the viewer is ‘connecting’. In such life stories – if you have a deep story, good gripping scenes, and vintage music, they are sure to build audiences.

So far we have seen the lives of historians, athletes and actors. Earlier, ‘Dangal’ did not know how successful the ‘Mahanati’ was. In Southern India, Mahatani is known as Savitri, Maha Ganapathir, or Ghantasala. He is based on his life and now comes in the film ‘Ghantasala’.

Everyone knows that Ghantasala is the song, the song is Ghantasala. But some people know how great he is. This is the story of everyone. He says that his life is not a floral ritual, he walks in the thornbush and tells us that he has a “song” of flowers. Despite the difficulties for the song, he grabbed the hold and proved that he was ‘Nasti’s dystrophy with effort’. His life is proof that education will shine with humility.

The film shows how close he is to his songs. His life has walked in high altars, and finally ended in a dramatic manner.

Mrs. Lakshmi Neeraja is the producer and singer of the Unofficial Productions banner. Bhaskar is coming up in the production line of the song – ‘Ghantasala’ song in the songbook category ‘Shala’ compilation c. H. Rama Rao is directing and directing. The film will be remastered and will be released in December this year. The son of the well-known music director Saluri Rajeswara Rao, Saloori Vasu Rao, the music director of the music industry, is the music director of the film and the recently released ‘Kranthi’ (RK)

If so, the great singer is the sole vocalist of ‘Ghantasala’ and Krishna Chaitanya, who has been crazy with ‘Super Singers 7’. Krishna Chaitanya’s cousin as the ‘Savitri’ of the Ghantasas is played by the famous anchor gentlemen, while the Ghatantas teacher Pathuruni is Seetharama Shastri as Subbarayasarma.

The first look of this film is on Saturday in Hyderabad. Raghavendra Rao unveiled.

In October, the movie ‘Teaser’ is going to be released in the presence of the legends.

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