Biography That Comprises NTR’s Love Stories

Dead are good… This was a statement from a great Telugu poet. While we are speaking about a person who is no more, should we say truth only? Or just cover up everything to protect his dignity? This is always debatable. This is true with NTR also.

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When Ravana dies, Rama pays attention to him. Do you know what to say? Even if the dead is an enemy … You should not have any hatred after his death. Because – in death his life was exhausted. Whatever you hate about him – even if it should end – says Sri Rama. We are still talking about NTR, who is also dressed as Ravanu in the guise of Rama. Some people see him as a nobleman, while Mahatma Gandhi is elevated to the level – some have shown him to be a deluded politician. Some are introducing a new generation of infamous politician and fanatic in NTR. A Big Life There are many facets to the life of an unattractive NTR. We can not say anything. There is no way to teach the culture henukkalakkunnu can not teach.

After they split the NTR biography in biopics in as many variants as they want – now comes a bunch of biography books. You need to write a lot about the original NTR. Raddahmanna had never done that adventure in the past. They have to think for a reason. But now that opportunity is available, it is a pleasure to see this book come out. It seems a bit more frank than the previous books. “There are so many books on NTR so far, but this is the comprehensive life story of NTR,” says the two authors. What are their castes? – Without thinking – whether or not the book is written in a frank way.

O cosmic celebrity
Acting sovereign!
The universe is universal
In awe …
Thy divine Mars form ..
Keep your millennium alive ..
Telugu ethnicity
Staying solid …

This is the feeling that comes to mind after reading the comprehensive history of the late divine man “Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao”. Who wrote his history so comprehensively and comprehensively …? When did you write ..? How to write? The answer to those doubts stands at 624 pages
“N. T. R. – Comprehensive Life Story”.

There have been a lot of books on NTR in the past … but for a variety of reasons, they have been subject to some limitations and have only touched on some flanks of his long cinematic politics. In essence, they are a great effort, but in terms of integrity, none of these books can be said to be true. This is because the biodata of events between births does not appear to be biographical. It is a comprehensive history when a great actor like NTR, who has been in the public life for decades, has unveiled many events in the life of the Mahanayakam, the difficulties encountered, the struggle achieved, the achievements and achievements reached. With such empowering information, a comprehensive understanding of NTR life features, authenticity and transparency are the two retired superiors who form the biography of that universal actor.

Two of the most acclaimed executives and executives in their long tenure were Kata Chandrahas, who retired as the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax and the second was retired IAS officer Kodidela Lakshminarayana. Due to the unrelenting hard work of these retired officers, “T.N.R.” This book titled ‘Natararatna’ reveals many unexplained features and details. In fact, many of the details, features, entertainment, controversies, facts and secrets that first emerged …

In this book review we will discuss some of the details and events that have not been shed.
* Surprise to know what jobs and businesses NTR did before the entry of cinema. He is campaigning for a milk business in Vijayawada – riding bicycle in the early morning and milking hotels. But he did much more than just the dairy business. In Andhra mess in Bombay Matunga for many years. Whole sale selling tobacco, bidi and cigarettes in Vijayawada. He worked for a few days as a court attendant for a salary of Rs 64. He ran the printing press for a while … After completing his BA as a sub-registrar for just 11 days, he resigned and went to the cinema field. Of these, the general public is unaware of anything other than the job of the dairy business and sub-registrar. Those details are detailed in this book.

* NTR’s real life is also known as a good rasaraje, starring in a romantic scene with some pretty heroines. Does anyone know about the “first crush” of NTR’s life, which is not only yours, but also in real life? Many people are unaware of the fact that the first crush of NTR occurred in the days of intermediate studying in Vijayawada with the eldest daughter of a businessman named Suryanarayana who was renting a house. As well as being a heroine in almost 25 films with her name as ‘Kumari’, the book has a lot to do with the secrets of NTR’s love affair with a top secret hero.

* “Sir .. In this” Patala Bhairavi “movie, the role of the gardener in the exercise, stick to the practice of samu sam is very hard. Sir .. very hungry … I have two idlis in the production … .. NTR Vijaya chief Nagira Reddy appealed to the difficulties of the early days and the rise of NTR in this book in great detail. Viskarincaru.

* Most people do not know that in the hearts of Telugu people as Rama and Lord Krishna, the image of NTR, which had made its appearance in the pooja halls, was initially rejected by the audience in Srikrishna’s Getup. It is an unbelievable fact that in those two social films ‘Hometown, Two Wedding’, NTR was mocked by Krishna’s get-up in two social films, accustomed to seeing only Rappuramiah in the guise of Krishna. The book, “NTR”, has evolved into a collection of not-so-unique features.

* When Lakshmiparvati asked, “I will write your biography,” NT Rama Rao was not happy. NTR doubted whether I have enough history and qualification to write a biography. Some of his literary friends, Dr. Nanduri Ramakrishna Charya and Professor Donnappa, have sought the advice of the clergy.
“Your history of reaching high heights with self-discipline and discipline will be inspirational for the poets,” NTR said in a statement unanimously endorsing Lakshmiparvati’s request.
* This campaign has unveiled a number of facts, events, situations, conflicts and sensations that are actually incompatible with the power of the event.

These retired elites are very transparent, observational, and comparatively detailed about the entry, propaganda, impact and consequences of NTR in regional and national politics, not just in the field of cinema. The 624-page book is categorized into 5 chapters into 107 chapters, and the authors cover each chapter with interesting features.

Everyone who wants to know about the tide, ups and downs, dark lights and fighting spirit of a towering person like NTR needs to know in detail and empowerment
Comprehensive Book of Yan. T. MR.

The book is an invaluable book with the cover of NTR as masturbation. 400, along with popular bookstores such as Vishalandra, Navodaya, Nava Chetana, Sai Ganesh and Waldon, and also online – on Flipkart and Amazon. (The English version of this is only available on Links. It was given here. Telugu version will also be available online soon.)




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