‘Bhagat Singh Nagar’ Pre-Release Event

'Bhagat Singh Nagar' Pre-Release Event

The film “Bhagat Singh Nagar” is being produced by Walaja Gauri and Ramesh Udattu under the banner of Great India Media House and directed by Walaja Kranti as Vidarth, Dhruvika Hero and Heroines. Good hype is coming .. The first lyrical song of ‘Charita Chupani’ released from “Bhagat Singh Nagar” is still trending with 1 million + views. The second song ‘Ee Vishwamanthamu Vyapinchina’ was released by Hero Srikanth and Banerjee. The film unit released the song ‘Yuga Yugamaina Taragani Vedana’. Politicians were called upon to make films with such a good message in support of the film. Mahesh, actor Banerjee, Bigg Boss fame Jesse, Sandeep, Tummala Chandra, Kalyan Sunkara, Veera Kanaka Medala and others participated and conveyed their best wishes to the film unit. At a subsequent press conference Producer Prasanna Kumar says .. “Bhagat Singh” means an unknown vibration in all of us. Also hearing this name makes us all think. There have been many movies in Telugu about heroes in the past. The Telugu industry got a good name with many awards for them. Upcoming movies are being released as Pan India. These new producers, who came to the industry to bring a film with a good message to the audience without the idea of ​​making money, selected a good director, a good artist like Banerjee, edited the film in Kerala and dubbed it in Chennai, which means their passion for cinema is understandable. The movie trailer is very good. Our blood boils when we watch the song “Charita Chupani”. The song is still trending with 1 million + views. The industry needs a director and producer like this who is making a good film like Bhagat Singh Nagar. Filmmaker Ramesh Udattu is based in London and it’s a great thing to have the film unit and the director confident that they will not be able to get to the location any day. The film was also produced by Kranti Gary’s family. Coming to the forefront of the audience with a good message, the director and producer said that they are confident that this “Bhagat Singh Nagar” film will bring many benefits with many awards.

Director Chandra Mahesh says … I have done many films but I did not get such a suitable story. After seeing this film, I wondered why I did not make such a good film. I have known Kranti for many years and never thought that he would make a film with such talent. If we all encourage such directors, directors and producers, such good films will come. The industry will also get a good name. What is “Bhagat Singh Nagar” is obvious from watching the movie. He said that he wants this movie to be a great hit.

Actor Banerjee says that many new directors with good talent are looking for opportunities. But due to lack of producers, they are not getting the opportunity. The whole family suffered a lot. “Bhagat Singh Nagar” is a film that came out of those hardships. It would have been a big movie if the same script had been possible in a different way. Movies like this are very much needed by the Young Generation. All they do is watch movies like this and know the good and the bad as well as know the history of those who fought for independence so everybody should watch such movies from time to time. The music is great. All the best to the team who worked on this movie.
Actor Munichandra says..I came into the industry in 1996. I did a lot of films as a still photographer. The director of this film, the hero is doing our boys. Many new directors are coming to the industry.

Vidarth, the hero of the film, says that this film is a product of the group of Passionate people. The film was made with the support of our parents, brother and friends. Many people helped to complete this movie. My favorite thing about the Bhagat Singh Nagar movie is the response. As technology has grown, so has the Internet. Also, if there is any issue, we are responding online. But if any incident happens in front of our eyes and the other person asks for help, it goes to the side that it is for us. If so, we see that our family is good enough.

get used to it too. If this is the case then maybe there is a problem in the future. I want all of us human beings to respond. This “Bhagat Singh Nagar” movie was made with the concept of responding if anything happens to the line he says. This movie cannot do justice to everyone. But this film was made with the intention of doing us as much good as possible. Our producer Ramesh Uduttu Gare has completed the film with his support to make this film come out very well.

The heroine Dhruvika said .. Even though I am a Kerala girl, the producers saw me as their own dog. .Many newcomers are being introduced to the industry through this movie. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me the opportunity to star in such a good film

The music director of the film said .. I did an album before and then did short films. Later, Walaja gave the film a chance. This is a gutsy story. No such good movie has come out in Telugu. The director spent a lot of sleepless nights with a lot of dedication and a lot of interest in making this film. Also such a combination will be repeated again by this movie. The director dealt with the story very well. He said that he wants this film to be a great success as we have all worked very hard.

The film director Valaja Kranti said. We grew up with the same feelings from a young age when we heard comments that I would respond to any human being with any harm to humanity. Ramesh Uduttu was a man with the same feelings. That is why he came forward to travel with us. I made this film with the inspiration of many directors. Corona faced a difficult time and came to the front of the audience today. Many friends have been supportive of me. I became a director because Ramesh Uduttu Gary gave me a chance. The result of our hard work is this movie. Going to bless newcomers like Malan.

Producer Valaja Gauri said, “Both our boys are acting as the hero and the director in this film. We have also acted in it. The film has been made with a lot of difficulty. Coming with a new storyline, this film will be a great success.”

Filmmaker Ramesh Uduttu says .. We started filming three years ago. Even though the movie ended quickly, we were very embarrassed by Kovid. We were coming up with the title Bhagat Singh Nagar and we were afraid that we could do justice.Kranti dealt with this film very nicely. The cast and crew have all been supporting us for the past three years. Thank you to all of them. We are making this movie a theatrical movie. We are coming forward to the audience on the 26th of this month to release a movie with such a good message in the theater even if we get an offer from OTT. He said that the audience sincerely begs us to support our film and make our film a success.

Bigg Boss Jesse says .. I went without any background as a common man which is the main reason for that is the audience. A lot of talented people come to the industry and give big hits. Another director coming in such a quandary is Walaja Kranti .If you encourage people who make good films like this, good films like “Bhagat Singh Nagar” will come. Hero heroines acted very naturally. Director Kranti said that he sincerely wants the chance to make a film with Pawan Kalyan after hitting a good hit with this film.

Sandeep says that the film “Bhagat Singh Nagar” with good intentions should be a great success. The film unit said all the best to everyone.

Nataraj Master said .. This is a film that is being made on the issues that are happening now. The subject of love was taken like this instead of a commercial angle.

Cast: Vidarth, Dhruvika, Banerjee, Ravi Prakash, Munichandra, Master Panchajanya, Ajay Gosh, Prabhavati, Sandhya, Jayakumar, Haribabu, Jayachandra, Mahesh, Omar, Shankar, Venkatesh.

Cinematography: Rajesh Peter, Kalyan Sami,
Editing: Zion Srikanth,
Stills: Munichandra,
Dance: Prem-gopi,
Background music: Prabhakar Dammugari,
Producers: Walaja Gauri, Ramesh Udattu,
Story-Narrative-Direction: Walaja Kranti.
P R W: Madhu V R, Teju Sajja.

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