Better To Lose Election, For Babu?

For any politician – the situation is better if you win. But now Chandrababu is a bit different. At the moment, he is saying good that he is losers. Analysts say that if the losses of Chandrababu loses people’s loses – personally – losing than winning. There are many reasons for this.

On the basis of Exit polls surveys, Modi’s return to the center with nearly 300 seats is almost deadlocked! Even if Chandrababu won in AP, he would not have much to do. There is a possibility that the majority will be botboat. It is true that the Leader of the Opposition is strong. At the center of Modi, Jagan in AP .. In neighboring Telangana KCR – is still the undisputed leader. He is the one who knows this term as the whole eternal enemy like Chandrababu. In such a scenario, a political analysis is that if Chandrababu is in the AP – unless he is in constant danger – there is no calm.

For some reason, Chandrababu has escaped due to technical reasons – some of the pending cases of the vicepiece alleging that tomorrow Modi may be able to come up with one another. There is another fear that Modi’s anti-Modi rival Apex’s curse may be with Chandrababu. What is the situation if Modi is not doing anything wrong in this term without giving special status? Then the AP will be able to support Chandrababu. Doubt! Because – Chandrababu will win their responsibility. And how to get a special status, how to get divorce guarantees that all of these things will be done by Chandrababu! How does Chandrababu AP meet the requirements of a million dollar question?

Already – the state has to put the interests of the untouchables on the blame of Chandra Babu. When it comes to that – the big responsibility to get out of the blame and take the whole of the AP takes on the shoulders of Chandrababu. If Chandrababu does not succeed in the case, the situation is worse. If the state is fed up with employment or hardship – people begin to be seriously criticized. Why this Chandra Babu who faced the Prime Minister at this critical moment is very important to support the original state? – There is a possibility that AP people suffer. If they go to such a remorse – it will be a big problem for Chandrababu to come.

Not only this, if Chandrababu comes into office – the funds are very limited. There are a lot of things to do in that limited budget. Impossible to do something about the implementation of the Promised Programs – Capital structure is a mandatory responsibility. And what can Chandrababu do?

Most importantly – Chandrababu is old. He did not come to the conclusion of the time to meet. Imagine the implications of one side cases. There is no other opposition. The day will come to confront it. Still calm down at this age, and why is he so karma? – Chandrababu fans say that So when Naga Babu told you in the YouTube video – AP people have been resting to Chandrababu. Otherwise – he may not be able to come back from office!

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