Best Actor Award Can Directly Be Given …

Falskunama Das is a movie directed by Viswaksen. Wakmai Creations Karate King’s offering is to produce the film on Viswaksen Cinemas and Ternano Pictures Pictures. Media 9 Manoj Kumar Co Producer. The movie is being released on May 31, 2013. The movie is being released on May 31. In this context, the prelude to the event was held at the JRC Convention Center in Hyderabad. The event was attended by Naturalist Nani as Chief Guest.

Nani said, “There are three reasons to come to this event. One trailer is interesting. Second, I created a production company called ‘Walposter’ with the intention of energizing new stories after 10 years of acting. Vishak Shen is going to do this in the production of Nets. The third is .. the original .. Faleknumadas movie is shown to me. I’m watching the movie. I know that even in the film premiere event which has not happened so far, the chief guest cinema will not be seen. I’m talking to you. After seeing the movie, I felt first feeling like that .. The truth was that the theater would not be demolished. The film is going to be a good idea for Amirpet Satyam Theater. There is no other theater next to the sri Ramulu. Look at it.

It is a small Confusion of Cinema what’s up to ten minutes after the movie starts. Then you go to the mood. In the mood, there is no single screen, Cuba and Multiflexa. Everything seems like a single screen. We have enjoyed a preview of the theater. So .. Falaknomadas tomorrow reminds us all the memorabilia of Ameerpet, Sanatnagar, Balchampetti, Saturday Night Sonidapa. Everyone is connected as a define. After watching the movie, it is clear that I am telling Amirpat Kurts as a separate cooker. In this film the little kids also perform very well. Exciting too. Everyone did very well. Best Performance Award .. This year’s Best Actor Award can be given directly .. It is Tarun Bhaskar. Really, Tarun Direction. Continuation as an actor can earn 3 times more than the director. Not one day of the year is busy. My Guarantee.

This team has worked hard. Seeing the movie you’ve shot in any of the locations, you know how difficult it is. Such a quality product was brought out. We are very proud to see new Telugu technicians or actors in our Telugu film industries. Our Telugu movie also seems to be going to the necks level. The film’s release on 31st of this year is a huge success. All the best for the film unit. ”

Hero and Director Vishak said, “If you have a background, you can come in the movies that it is Nani. Everyone was scared when I was first directing. All I know before is the reality of the movie. If the movie is not okay, it’s gone and direction. I do not have the background .. If that happens, let’s go back. But the film is known to have such a case Bye Mistake. Teaser was made without a back pack. Youth is well appreciated. My language director does not look like language. Yet, Vivek Sagar has given me the music that is in trouble. Goosebumps Guarantee in the Theater. Half of my visuals .. half of his music. Tell me about Tarun .. He asked for 2 months for that role. Thank you tonight. Necessary for my dad too. He came to believe and energized. Thank you, sister and sister. Let’s meet at the 31st Theater. ”

Tarun Bhaskar said, “The nickname for the actress is for me. I did not listen to me and forced me to do more acting. I was mentally and physically changed because of Vishak. There are a lot of similariates between Vijayadevakonda and Viswa. All over the set are very friendly. First Day First Show is coming to RTC Cross Roads. Slang should go beyond the language. We love the movie .. love it. ”

Music director Vivek Sagar said, “I have given this opportunity to the universal thank you. Thanks to lyricist writers who wrote good lyrics. Thank you for being a guest guest. ”

The producer Karate Raju said, “The film has shot in 118 locations which have never seen anyone in Hyderabad. Vishwak Sen is struggling for this film for a year and a half. He is also directing dialogues and directing. Punch dialogues in this movie are all natural. It is not cinematic .. it is natural. Family Life is shown. Apart from Hyderabad, the audience, like Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka, Rayalaseema and all the regions of the region are enjoying our film. “

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