Bellamkonda ‘Rakshasudu’ Starts Career Again!

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The title of the super hit movie of yesteryear. Ten movies gone, eleven can be taken back. To entertain the audience – heroines like Anupama Parameswaran. Probably not – the hero of the Bellamkonda hero no matter how many failures come. He is about to start his career again with ‘Rakshasudu’. Interviewee said that ‘The Monster’ is an intensive thriller that appeals to the audience.

Bellakonda Srinivas as the protagonist of ‘Raid’ and ‘Veera’ directed by Ramesh Varma Penmantsa is a film produced by famous academic Koneru Satyanarayana on the production banner of A Havish Laxman Koneru. Anupama Parameswaran plays the heroine. Abhishek Nama on Abhishek Pictures banner is releasing the film worldwide on August 2. Hero interview on this occasion….

How was the experience of the ‘monster’ made?
– I usually detach from the movie if I pack up at six o’clock in the evening after the movie starts. But I couldn’t detach myself from this movie. Wherever you look in the press, there are interviews that relate to the events in our film. Usually we don’t take them too seriously. But they are very connected to me with this film.

What does it look like to be acting as a police officer second time?
– I ‘shielded’ myself as a police officer, but I couldn’t connect with the audience somewhere. But this time I really enjoyed doing it as a police officer. There is no action, no songs, no dancing. Be differential. My next role is brutal. We can’t even imagine such a tragedy happening at home. I also raised some girls in our house with my hands up. I would not tolerate such things. That is why everything is so connected to the mind. That is why the film could not be detached.

What does the monster look like?
– Investigative Cap Story. In which case does one behave like a monster? Who is he? Why is he behaving so? This is the story of how the CI got hold of Wadi. Very intensive elastic thriller.

How did the movie feel with a new director like Ramesh Verma?
– There is no new director, the hero of the movie is Kathe. Believing it was done.

The negativity seems to be high in this movie?
– It does not mean total negativity, but so much intensity. I usually stay away from negativity. Wherever there is a positive atmosphere, I’ll be there.

Five years after coming to the industry, he said, ‘This is my first movie’?
– All these days I’ve done what our directors say. I didn’t even say ‘let me take another sir’ for me. But the film got that freedom. So I could do even better. I spent 85 days shooting. Have worked desperately on a Sunday, no selfies. There were mostly night shooting. That’s why Philaya.

Isn’t that the feeling of downsizing?
– It seemed nothing like that. Because I live and work for each of my films. That means that three films were released from July last year … This is a short film. Doing them is not a simple thing.

Remake a second time. Did it feel like something difficult?
– It seemed nothing like that. The remake is always 90 percent easy. 10 percent is difficult. The difficulty is that everything is easy except for the comparison.

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