Beautiful Heroine D/o Action Hero

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Remember Arun Pandian? In the Tamil dubbing films of the eighties – he was an action hero. Despite being black, Manchi is a muse with art and heroism. Fights are great.

If you want to remember Arun Pandian as a character – especially if you remember the star of the big multistar film of the time. Three of those films featured Fighting Stars. One is Suman. Another is Bhanuchander – the third star is Arun Pandian. When that star is another star. The tortoise is Pandian. Has done in some Tamil movies. Pandian, who earned a degree in electronics, has managed all his father’s business. In the meantime, he came into the movies inspired by his father. The intellect, the beauty, the beauty, the acting – all this is not a good break.

Nowadays, a heroine makes a film in any language that is known to the other languages. It is sad that an action hero like Arun Pandian, who has all the qualifications as a heroine, is not well recognized. Once upon a time, the fame of a blonde beauty, like a plain girl at one time. The reason that the girl is not successful – as some intellectuals analyze it – is not a big point. Because to be successful as a heroine – not a great glamor but to look like a plain girl is also a plus point. However, anyone who has seen the fame wants to hit her. So .. Stellar Fight Hero’s daughter now has to fight to become a star!

Best of Luck Keerthi!

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