Purna ‘Backdoor’ In Preparation For Release

'Backdoor' Directed By Karri Balaji In Preparation For Release

In Purna the lead role .. Nandi Award winner Karri Balaji under the banner of Orchid Films as the hero of Teja Tripurana ‘Back Door’ produced by B. Srinivas Reddy is preparing for the Diwali release after completing all the activities including the film censor. The film received a ‘Clean You’ Censor Certificate. Producer B. Srinivas Reddy says … In ‘Back Door’, there are a lot of things that will entertain people from all walks of life. Along with Poorna … Hero Teja gave a very good performance. We are preparing to release a theatrical trailer soon and release the film for Diwali. ‘ The heroine is overjoyed that ‘Backdoor’ starring her will be released with Clean You.

Co-Director: Bhupathiraju Ramakrishna, Poster Design: Vikram Ramesh, Choreography: Raj Krishna, Songs: Nirmala, Chandini, Music: Pranav, Background Score: Ravishankar, Art: Nani, Editing: Chota K. Prasad, Camera: Srikanth Naroj, Production Designer: Vijaya L. Kota, PRO: Dheeraj-Appaji, Executive Producer: Rekha, Co-Producer: Oota Sreenu, Producer: B. Srinivas Reddy, Writing-Direction: Curry Balaji !!

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