‘Asalu Em jarigindi’ First Look By Vijay Sethupathi

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Cinnamon is torn and torn and tucked away – if you are in the process of success – the same kind of success that we have, the sentiment of the filmmakers. That is why the movie FirstLook was launched by calling Sethupathi in the hit season.

Mahendran, who made many films as a child actor, is a love suspense thriller that debuts in Telugu as a hero. Mahendran has made a comedy in a variety of roles with top stars like superstar Rajinikanth and Venkatesh. The film was produced by GS Films Banner under the direction of Srinivas Bandari. Vijay Sethupathi, who has played some of the most brilliant roles in Tamil as a busy hero, has recently revealed his style in the mega star Chiranjeevi Saira Narasimhareddy. It is remarkable that such a Versatile star actor Vijay Sethupathi launched the first look at “Asalu Em jarigindante?”

Speaking on the occasion, Srinivas Bandari said, ‘Our unit is grateful to Vijay Sethupathi for launching our first look at our original’ What Happened ‘film despite being very busy. Mahendran, who entered us in hundreds of films as a child actor, is happy to be introduced as a Telugu hero in the film. Sri Pallavi, Karunya Chaudhary, Coronya Katrin, Hariteja, Shafi, Phani, Shani, Kumnan Sethuraman and Prashanth play key roles in this love suspense thriller. Vijay Kumar, who played NTR in Lakshmi’s NTR film, played a key role. Songs provided by Charan Arjun are the highlight of the film. Karna Cinematography takes you to the next level with Visual Beauty. Post-production programs are currently underway. We will be releasing the movie teaser soon. He said that.

Mahendran, Sri Pallavi, Karunya Chaudhary, Coronya Katrin, Hariteja, Shafi, Phani, Shani, Vijay Kumar, Kumnan Sethuraman, Prashant etc.

Technical category

Banner, Structure – GS Films
Writing and Directing – Srinivas Bandari
Cinematography – Karna
Music, Lyrics – Charan Arjun
Editor – Pratap
DI Colorist – Ratnakar Reddy
Co-producers – Mallesham.V, Sujata.M, Rajesh.B.
Executive Producer – Shani Solman
Art – Prasad
Stunts – Vasu

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