Artists’ Freedom Appreciable In Telangana Movies

It is hard to enter Telugu movie industry for anybody who has no background. But the Telangana movie industry? Even if you have a little talent, you are promoted immediately. Great! This is the ‘freedom’ we are having for the artist here, which is appreciable. But the pain is that it is so easy to get down. Because – to stay in limelight for a long time, little talent is not enough. Once you get the name and fame, you have to learn more. After you achieved something, behavior scores more than talent. People shouldn’t over brag about themselves as if they have accomplished everything. Then only any artist is able to stay on top for long period. Telangana cinema should be appreciated for giving opportunities to many people – without limiting the film industry to only a few. Let it be Tollywood or Telangana Cinema, talent and behavior are the keys to stay on top.

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A girl who wants to put a baby is a community. There are plenty of motifs to sell here. How did a young woman survive such a sale? She is a film with the story of what she achieved. Famous singer Mangli played the title role. The film – which has completed all its work – is set to premiere on the 28th of this month.

Kepien. It was built by Saraswati Developers and Lachuram Productions under the direction of Chauhan under the banner of Angot Raju Nayak. The producer said that Mangli, who grew up as a singer from the Tanda level to the world level, played an excellent role in the film. Her character is an inspiration to today’s girl. The film is a mix of sentiment and entertainment and is believed to entertain everyone. Pamikonda along with PU beautiful locations, filmed in the phone.

The director said .. The trees are important for the protection of the environment. If you read and benefit the girls without killing them in the field, it is a wonderful story in the field. Mangli’s performance is the highlight of the film. Comedian Chammak Chandra is said to be playing an important role in the film. Singer Mangli has sung a wonderful song.


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