Arjun’s 150th ‘Kurukshetram’ On 13th!


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Action King Arjun’s 150 movie ‘Kurukshetram’. On September 13th, we will be released on the occasion of Ganesha. Arun Vaidyanathan is the director. This crime thriller directed by Passion Studios is being released in Telugu on Srinivas Meesala on Sri Vadapalli Venkateswara Creations banner. On this occasion, the Pride Release event held in Hyderabad on Sunday

Umesh Reddy, chairman of Passion Studios, said, “Arjunagar made many great films in his career. He is proud to have his 150th film in our Passion Movie Banner. It took some time to release in Telugu. Thanks to Vadapalli Venkateswara Rao who is supporting the release of Telugu. 13th film will be released. ”

Meera Srinivas, the chief of Vadapalli Venkateshwaraara banner, said, “This is the second release of the film after release of Dandupalam 3. Thank you for Arjunagari and Umeshagari “.

Talking to Thamalapalli Ramasanthanarayana – “The trailer is very good. Movie Success is Defunet. I think the viewers give us a gift to Ganesha’s funeral. ”

Producer Saikrishna said, “Tomorrow is a movie that will be released tomorrow, it’s our film.”

Director Arun Vaidyanathan said, “Umesh, Sudhan and Jayaram are very supportive during my film making. The film is a good hit in Tamil and the film is being released in Telugu by Saikrishna and Meesala Srinivas. I thank them for that. Arjun is very supportive. Excellent support on sets. He is a director’s director. Actor of 150 films .. Down to Earth without being proud of nowhere. Positive Person. Prasanna, Varalakshmi, Chandamala and others have done well in their roles. Technicians also provided excellent support. I think the Telugu audience who energizes the new thing will appreciate our film. ”

Hero Srikanth said, “Arjun is very kind to me. Good man. His 150th film in the film. Good thriller. Inspiration for all of us. Congratulations to Arun, Umesh, Meesala Srinivas and Saikrishnan. The producers of this type of industry need much to the industry. I want the movie to be a big success “.

Action King Arjun said – “Journey 35 years. I traveled with many directors on this journey. I learned about acting. I learned a lot of new things. Then I’m a writer, distributor and director. The hard work is consistent with the result. Kurukshetra film is my 150th film. This is one of my tepe ten movies. I acted as a different police officer. I appear in the role of a Police Officer close to reality. Action, Family Oriented Movie. There is a belief that Telugu audiences who energize good films will appreciate the film “.

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